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    CLOSED! **ROUND3 !!**, (100YARD), Semi-Auto, 6group, 30round SHOOTOUT!

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon in punta Cana. Loved the tiki hut airport and the topless euro girls!
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    CLOSED! **ROUND3 !!**, (100YARD), Semi-Auto, 6group, 30round SHOOTOUT!

    Today I took my newest acquisition, a Les Baer thunder ranch out for the first time. This rifle has a half moa guarantee from the factory, and two 1/4moa test targets to validate its chops. I didn't quite get there today, but feel confident with some new hand loads, I'll get into the 1/2 minute...
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    Who DOES NOT clean the copper out of the bore?

    I do not use a copper solvent on any of my rifles. With respect to carbon cleaning, the rifles vary in what they like. My KAC MK11 runs best about 10-15 rounds into a clean bore. My precision AR (20" ss barrel with a 556 chamber and fairly high round count) will see groups totally fall apart for...
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    .233 ammo cost pre last nov?

    Pmc bronze and other low end brass was around 30 CPR down to about 28 cpr on sale. Green tips and higher end ball was slightly more depending on sales. Match ammo was .80 CPR - 1.20. Prices have come within 10-15% of pre panic pricing if you shop it. I just got 2k xtac m855 for 694 delivered...
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    KAC sr25 or LMT mws or LaRue obr?

    For a totable rifle, id suggest either a christensen or a scar with a NF 2-10.
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    KAC sr25 or LMT mws or LaRue obr?

    I own an sr25 And an mws. I don't own an obr, but I do have a repr. The kac is the most accurate and easiest to shoot. The mws is the superior value proposition. The repr is an incredibly constructed piece of engineering, but the performance just isn't there. I love it as a piece of technology...
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    LaRue OBR Face Lift

    Nice work!
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    6mm Fat Rat / AR / variants barrel life?

    I'd probably go with the 6arp or similar based on the 6.8. Either way, your probably looking at 2k for match life, 5k for acceptable normal use.
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    My SASSy Girl: RRA LAR-8 Range Report

    You can get 800 all day with that. I regularly shoot to 800+ with a 16" 308. Nice rig and nice groups. Now shoot the challenge. If they took Pmags, I'd probably have one. Great value proposition except for the mags (which matters to me due to already having a large stock for 3 other sr25...
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    CLOSED! **ROUND3 !!**, (100YARD), Semi-Auto, 6group, 30round SHOOTOUT!

    I had to remount the scope on my sr25 this morning with my warranty replacement bobro mount so I headed to the range this afternoon. Conditions at the range were less than ideal (dusk, cold, slight wind) and time (and daylight) were short, but when are field conditions? So, after zeroing, I...
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    Wider Front Rest for Caldwell Rock/ DFT Lead Sled

    Source for bag?
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    Wider Front Rest for Caldwell Rock/ DFT Lead Sled

    My original post may not have been clear. I can't do anything with the mws and won't replace the rail on my kac. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to get these in the lead sled?
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    Wider Front Rest for Caldwell Rock/ DFT Lead Sled

    I have gotten accustomed to using a Caldwell Lead Sled DFT for use in load testing. I don't want to debate the merits of doing this, and have found that the commonality with the Rock rest (which I was familiar with already) and the repeatability has helped me a lot in load development. A...
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    Rifle Scopes Anyone using the NF 2.5-10x32 NXS compact?

    My experience is limited, but I will chime in as no one else has. I have a NF 3-15 that I run on an LMT MWS. I recently took a class where the student next to me was using a NF 2.5-10 on a MK12. There are definite compromises made with the 2.5-10, but I still really liked the optic. It is not...
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    Rifle Scopes SWFA SS 1-6HD? Do you like yours?

    I am in agreement with others that the reticle is not good. The hash marks are too close and thick at 6x for you to be able to take an accurate shot without obscuring most of the target with the reticle's hashes. I thought that it would be excellent looking at it on paper, but in actuality I...
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    Rifle Scopes SWFA-SS Tax Day Group Buy: 1-6, 5-20, and more!

    I received my 1-6 today. I ordered by phone so there was no confirmation or notice given. It was just a pleasant surprise today at my office. Overall, looks like a great scope, and I have an ADM mount on the way from Primary Arms. My initial impression is that this is going to be a really nice...
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    Load Data for 30 cal armor piercing bullets

    I've used 45gr of CFE223 with fairly good success. I unfortunately can't contribute anything related to 8208.
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    REQUEST: Load data for 308, subsonic, 220 Sierra SMK, Titegroup Powder

    one and only bump for this thread
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    REQUEST: Load data for 308, subsonic, 220 Sierra SMK, Titegroup Powder

    I posted this a week ago in the general reloading forum and have gotten no response, so I will cross post here and see what I get. All, While waiting on my forms to clear, it looks like I'm going to have the opportunity to shoot some cans (including mine) with a C3 dealer. Its probably...
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    50BMG powder in 300RUM?

    The powder is too slow and will not burn in even a 30" barrel. With that being said, you can still use it to load some cheap (and sometimes accurate as noted above) rounds. It won't give retumbo velocity, but it will also be easy on brass. Hard to KB a rifle with powder that slow also.