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  1. Limedust

    Maggie’s Examples of How Women (and Effeminate Men) Can Screw Things Up

    Fig, you constantly amaze me. The crystalline irony you manage to shit out your gob is almost holy in its purity.
  2. Limedust

    ROE V WADE ……….

    Triggered? Liberals? Look at this thread ... shit, look at the Bear Pit. I don't know how most of you manage to avoid stroking out on a daily basis.
  3. Limedust

    ROE V WADE ……….

    Most of them, in fact, are ...
  4. Limedust

    Tell me about Kentucky

    Bowling Green is okay ... getting a bit crowded though. Scottsville Road (main thoroughfare) is a nightmare on the weekends. If you can manage to stay a bit outside of town, much better. Great outdoor stuff in shouting distance; good fishing all over the place like Trammell Creek (don't know...
  5. Limedust

    "First, do no harm" (Unless you refuse the Covid Death Shot)

    The vaccine still helps with preventing the disease after infection ... to the tune of 2 times better protection, last I read. Regardless ... seems like a shitty decision to make, especially as the fellow was at the top of the list and does have natural immunity/antibodies. Imagine this type...
  6. Limedust

    "First, do no harm" (Unless you refuse the Covid Death Shot)

    Transplant ... immunosuppressants. Little ability to fight off a cold, flu, etc.. Vaccine just part of the protocols required (which I think are fairly stringent about a lot of things). Doctors aren't going to waste a heart if they can help it.
  7. Limedust

    Rittenhouse Trial

    You guys crack me up.
  8. Limedust

    Rittenhouse Trial

    This precedent create all sorts of amazing opportunities to shoot and kill people like we could back when this country was great. Finally, finally, we can have the freedoms of our forebears, to find some people, go to where they live, and then kill them with impunity! The right to feel...
  9. Limedust

    what is the real reason that there is the backlog at the ports

    COVID restrictions and demand.
  10. Limedust

    Fixing America

    This wouldn't even fix America.
  11. Limedust

    Last Knob Creek shoot

  12. Limedust

    The truth about Covid and the Pfizer vaccines

    I referred to my post as hyperbolic ... yours, funnily enough, is poignantly ironic, especially in light of your ass-showing here and handy scare quoted version of the term. Literacy kills. Or is it "literacy skills?"
  13. Limedust

    The truth about Covid and the Pfizer vaccines

    No. It was an assertion based on evidence. And the faint hint of hyperbole only proves the point ...
  14. Limedust

    The truth about Covid and the Pfizer vaccines

    I have never seen a clearer indictment of the Bear Pit than this. Thousands and thousands of posts undermined with the perfect sentence ... "Maybe idle speculation based on assumptions is almost completely useless." Can we get this guy some sort of award?
  15. Limedust

    Kung Flu is kicking my ass

    Vast left-wing conspiracy to increase blood pressure among the right-wing and conservative pundits leading to red-faced pants-shitting outrage and untimely death. Playing the long game, four dimensional chess, fuck-your-feelings-type stratergery.
  16. Limedust

    More Covid stuff

    Maybe everyone should read the whole article.
  17. Limedust

    Final soldier to leave Afghanistan

    What's with all the disbelief? We've been doing the same thing for the last 100 years; fuck a place up then leave allies and Americans behind. Not good ... but not surprising in the least. This is PRECISELY what the United States does.
  18. Limedust

    My employer mandated the vaccine. Anyone else?

    Fucking pot and kettle there. As far as I can tell, the Pit is three actual people posting the same shit under different handles, over and over and fucking over again. Throw around the word indoctrination and then use the same damn conspiracy-speak in a 20 page thread like retarded cows...
  19. Limedust

    Anyone doing this cyber symposium thing tomorrow?

    At the ballot box, wasn't it?