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  1. ta2dtrent

    Gunsmithing Tikka T3 Pillar length and recoil lug dims

    Im getting a manners t4a for my Tikka but they do not include pillars. They said because of the odd shape of the action. I was wondering if anyone here knew the length that they would have to be and if there were any pics of them that you could share? If anyone knows the diminsions of the...
  2. ta2dtrent

    Looking for a good load starting point

    Just bought a CMMG 22" stainless bull barrel upper for my ar15. Its a 1:9 twist. What is a good starting point for this upper as far as handloads? Thanks in advance.
  3. ta2dtrent

    Got my new stock today

    Bought a Mc Millan A5 from the classifieds here. Im so happy with the way my rifle looks now I had to share a pic. Rem 700 VSSF 308 R&D Precision DBM Badger thruster Bushnell 6-24 ffp TPS rings EGW base Timney trigger Bolt knob by "ME" What do you guys think???
  4. ta2dtrent

    Bought a bedded stock

    I bought a used B&C stock for my Rem 700 that had already been bedded for the same kind of action. Do I need to re-bed for my action or will it be close enough.