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  1. Suasponte

    Neck Turning (Getting it right the 1st time)

    I had a friend stop by tonight while I was Neck turning some Dasher brass for 2018. He asked how I set my depth of cut to get the neck wall thickness I want without slowly working it in from the touching position. The minute I pulled this out of my Container he said a few words that I cannot...
  2. Suasponte

    Magnetospeed Bayo (V1) - Material loss from Muzzle blast

    I have had my Magneto for awhile now and have several hundred rounds over the bayo. Just wondering how many of you are seeing the material loss on the front side of the bayo I am. Also, was wondering if anyone has mentioned this issue to them. The unit works great with no issues, however, I...
  3. Suasponte

    WeatherHawk WM-350 Overview

    My Kestrel finally went to the great beyond. I read the review that Frank had done regarding the unit and decided I would give it a try. First impression of the unit is good, like the large displays for the readouts. Well the video will tell the rest, there are other options that I am not...
  4. Suasponte

    Savage Model 10 Make-Over

    Finally shot the barrel of out the Model 10 Last year. So, I decide to rebarrel it and change up calibers from 308 to 243. Got a Shilen 26" 1:8 twist for it. Decided I was going to paint and change the total apperace from the old black to something a little different. So, I decided to...
  5. Suasponte

    Press Stroke effect on Headspace

    I have a buddy that is new to reloading and is always fast stroking his press. I went thru the motion of setting up his FL die to bump the shoulder properly for his rifle. The other day I get a call from him saying that half of his ammo that he loaded would not chamber. He went on about how...
  6. Suasponte

    Boring Cabela's Plastic ammo Box to WOW!!!!

    Tried my hand at hydro dipping tonight on some Cabela's Plastic 50rnd 308 boxes and a couple Magpul 30rnd Pmags. Pretty happy with the results. the First Pmag slipped outa my grip when dipping and did not come out that great but still looks pretty decent. Now to get the balls to do my bell...
  7. Suasponte

    Hornady 168gr Amax @ 1000yds

    Shot 168 Amax's out to 1K this sunday. My load was Hornday Match Brass, 44gr RE15, Wolf Primers, seated to 2.90". Rifle was a Savage 10FP with a MK 4 Leupold, and a rifle basix trigger set to 1.5lb. Pills was chrono'd at 2650fps and below is the range card that checked out to 1k. Picture...
  8. Suasponte

    Photos Glock 1911!!!!!

    My buddy just showed this to me at his dealership! Interesting, Glock busting out into 1911's. May have to get one, but the Kimber's may revolt. Terry
  9. Suasponte

    308 FN SPR @ 400yd Movers with 178gr Amax's

    Shot moving targets today at 400yds with the FN SPR 20" 1:12. Load was 178gr Amax. Hornady brass, 44gr Reloader 15, and Wolf LG primers @ 2650fps. Got a group of guys today and we all shot movers at 400yds then moved back to 1K after everyong had their fill of shooting movers. Got good leads...
  10. Suasponte

    .308 FN SPR 20" 1:12 With 178gr Amax's

    Been running 178gr Amax's out of my FN SPR with great results. Load is 44gr RE15, Wolf LR Primer, Hornady match brass seated to 2.900" OAL. It is running 2710fps out of the rifle with a ES of 25fps. I have shot this load out to 1280yds and they are remaining stable and keeping great accuracy...
  11. Suasponte

    1k Fathers Day fun with some Buds.

    Took the .308 FN SPR 20" and a box of 178gr Amax loaded in Hornady Match brass with Wolf primers and 44gr of Reloader 15 to my friends 1000yd range. Nice range with target pits for 10 shooters. Extremely happy with the performace of both rifle and load at 1K. It shot MOA and would problay...
  12. Suasponte

    Need help for a friend that moved!

    I need some help for a friend that moved form Pittsburgh to the Boston area. He is looking for gun club in the area and does not have any contacts in the area. I believe he is in Weston area. If there any Hide members that could provide me gun club or ranges in the area I would greatly...
  13. Suasponte

    New Mould - Noe K31 - 5 Cavity 180gr

    Just got my new NOE K31 - 5 cavity 180gr mould from Swede at Noe Moulds. Extremely great guy to deal with and one of the best looking moulds I own other than the Hensley Gibbs 45acp 10 cavity I have. Was $102 shipped to the door and also comes with the custom top punch to match the bullet...
  14. Suasponte

    7.5x55 K31 and My lead 170gr bullets.

    Finally got around to getting some rounds loaded with my new cast Lee 170gr bullets. They finished out right around 175 grains after gas check and bullet lube. Brass is Graf's 7.5x55, Primer is Wolf LG Rifle, Powder is Alliant 2400 16.0 grains and the bullet is a LEE Hard cast lead bullet from...
  15. Suasponte

    Omega Powder Trickler and Targetmaster Combined!

    I have known for awhile of this project but promised to keep my silence. Allan from Targetmaster in the UK and Stan from Omega have combined together for another great reloading tool. I know there are many guys using the Omega and this will for sure be of great interest to many of you. Not...
  16. Suasponte

    Setting Up your Sizing Dies

    I have been helping a buddy learn how to reload and made this video to help him get his sizing die set up to properly size his brass. I figure I would share this with the Hide Members and maybe help someone else in the process. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie"...
  17. Suasponte

    Finished my Friends TargetMaster Setup

    Finally got a chance to finish setting up my friends TargetMaster for him. I have had the Unit from Allan for a month now but just got around to doing it. Picked up a couple pieces of 12"x12" granite from Home Depot to put it on. Glued the two peices together with JB Weld and also Jb Welded...
  18. Suasponte

    TargetMaster Lyman M5 Sensor

    I just received my Proto-type Lyman M5 sensor for my Targetmaster powder trickler from Allan in the UK. The sensor has been made to replace the existing tower type that comes with the original unit. I have been bugging him for about a year and finally Santa showed up on the front porch. The...
  19. Suasponte

    Score at a yard sale!

    Stopped at a yard sale with the wife this morning! When out of the corner of my eye I spot some boxes of ammo. There was a bunch of 22 that I grabed for $5/box (Remmy gold Box) and then the big one!! There was a flat rate box with the Lapua boxes in it! 25 total boxes. The one on top was...
  20. Suasponte

    Photos New ATI Combo 410 Shotgun and 22LR

    New ATI (American Tactical Importers) combo coming out soon. AR Style 410 shotgun (Smooth bore) and 22lr. $700-$800 range. They are the same company that Import the GSG-5's. This was on display at the NRA show today. Terry