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    Action specs. Remmy 700

    Question on a remington 700 action. If a stock is made for a short action, lets say a .308! Would it be possible to fit any short action caliber into that Stock. I’m thinking of a AI AX Stock short action and hope to fit different 6.5 creedmoor or .300 wsm Shouldn’t that be possible. ? aren’t...
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    Reached 3500 likes on Euro Optics Giveaway..

    Mission 1. Done Mission 2. Going strong.. BTW. When will I be informed
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    Not one to mess with!!

    Not bad!! "Honestly, the article isn't revealing the whole story because clearly he was also armed with 2 GIANT F***ING BALLS OF STEEL which he clobbered the bandits with" Was on a military exercise when I was active.. Meet a few of these.. Highly trained and motivated...
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    New Tikka T3 Sporter

    Looks like Tikka made a new Stock.. Looks interesting, exept 4 the wood finish... Like to see that in plastic!!! The english site doesent show it yet, only on the finnish, witch I don't understand!!
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    Rifle Scopes How to remove bases!! Pete Lincoln!! Any help

    Finally I got my new 40 moa bases from Tac Ops... Now before I go on removing my current 1 piece picatinny 20 moa base, what work effort can I expect. I saw that Pete Lincoln put some kind of past on before mounting it.. Any idear of how I get it of, it's aluminum, will it break if I put too...
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    Rifle Scopes New Zero with new base..?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what changes I could expect when going from my current 20 moa base to a 30+ base. I've seen Tac'ops makes 34 and 40 moa 2-piece bases.. I'm not in to all this moa math, but if I were to change to a 34 or 40 moa, how much will it shift my zero... Currently...
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    Range Report G1 or G7.. I choose G1

    Hi there.. Last weekend I was on my first real shoot out on a range.. Of course I have been shooting 100 meters but this was a up to 600 meter range a few hours from where I live.. We started out on 100 for zero check, all was fine, went out to 300 meter, checked out my Ballistic FTE on my...
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    Range Report G1-G7 difference

    Hi there.. I just noticed that there is a difference in my Bulletflight for Iphone, the diff gets even bigger at longer distance.. Can it be posible that there is 74 cm diff. and 1.3 mRad at 600 meters between G1 and G7.. Havent shoot at that distance yet but going to next month.. G1 shows 5,4...
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    Rifle Scopes 30+ bases from Tac ops

    Hi there.. I got a Howa 1500 with a Falcon Optics 5.5-25x50 EMD scope.. Under that I have a 20 Moa Picatinny rail from Roedale.. But my 100 meter zero runs in at about middle of total elevation, I got 10,5 up and 9 down, with that I can go 900 meter with 155 gr Lapua Scenar or only 850 meter...
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    Maggie’s Time of crisis!!!

    We as people rarely think of people with no money.. This picture taken in the heart of Europe, shows that poor people exsists all over the world.. This bag-lady walking around in her old and ripped jeans, barely covering her body, carries bags with all her belongings, can not be overseen...
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    Rifle Scopes Mine is bigger than yours!! Falcon optics:-)

    Got som new shades for my baby..from Falcon Optics.. Now it's 21.5 inches..
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    Rifle Scopes Falcon Optics Webpage down, This is why!!!

    Palle We do not sell direct using the website so no, the website is not of fundamental importance to us in terms of day to day business. It will though be back up and running but I cant give you a date. When back on-line it will be a good point of reference for our customers for information on...
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    My new Howa/Roedale!!

    Thought I'd share my new and first rifle with you... I just got my new stick finished.. It's a Howa 1500 .308 with the 24" heavy barrel with a Falcon Optics 5.5-25x50 EMD, Burris XTR low rings, and a Bell and Carlsson Medalist stock... It has a pair Shooters Ridge Rockmount 'S' Pivotting Bipod...
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    Rifle Scopes Range confermation.

    How do you guys verify you mil dots. I just "ranged" something, lets say a person to be at 680 meters on my new Falcon 5.5-25. But Google maps dialed in at about 590 meters. How can I figure out whats right and wrong without a rangefinder. I know there is a chance I am off at my "Mil dotting"...
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    What am I missing!!!

    I am a little confused. I cant tell whats missing in this pic. Now I know it, It's the barreled action that I waiting on from Roedale Precision. Plz Pete help me out.... Regards Palle
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    Rifle Scopes Falcon 5.5-25x50 GTG.

    1 Hour 31 minutes ago I got a mail from Nick Watts from Falcon Optics. The production model is ready for delivery. I AM HAPPY.....
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    Howa 1500 24" bull barrel. Pete Lincoln

    Hi Pete, I asked you if it was possible to get a Howa action from you... (24" bull barrel) as there is no such for sale in Denmark... Whats the price on that... I would be happy for a responce..Just a price!!! Regards.. Palle