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    I am leaning towards a pdc chassis, but I am still thinking about a manners stock. What bottom metal is best for the rimX? What are the pros and cons of a chassis? Never owned one or shot one for that matter. For the barrel I am thinking about going with keystone accuracy for a prefit barrel...
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    25-06 131 gr blackjack

    Is one running a 25-06 with the 131 gr black jack bullets?
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    .25 blackjack, 25.06, 6/06, 6.5 saum, 6 saum, 7 saum 6.5 prc

    What is your maximum range for targets? What is the barrel life like for these cartridges? It for target only, fun only!
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    200 +

    What set up are you using for 200 yards plus?
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    What 7mm for a mile

    Just wondering what 7mm caliber is everyone using to a mile?