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    Suppressors CZ 2075 Rami 9mm

    Picked up the Rami 9mm today for a steal. I shoot a CZ75B SA a good bit and it's the most accurate pistol I have ever shot. Was hoping the Rami would at least come close to the full size CZ. This little pistol FAR MORE accurate than I hoped for. It runs circles around my G26 and G19. The...
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    Dominican Republic

    Found out today I'm getting to go to a shoot in the Dominican Republic in June!!! Never been there guys so what can you tell me about it? Night life? Food? Do and do not pack? How much fun $$$ to carry for 2 weeks??
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    Suppressors Feedback on Armalite 9mm

    Armalite had a booth at a shoot I was at this past week in Little Rock. They had a 9mm handgun that felt nice at a killer price. Any of you put any rounds down one?
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    Hunting & Fishing Easton FMJs or ACCs

    I know this isn't the "WTB" forum but figured it would get more views here. I have been shooting the same dozen GoldTips for years and I'm finally down to 5 and two are in less than great shape. Lost one Thursday morning to a stump after I shot at a doe. Anyway...looking for 1/2 dozen FMJs...
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    Hunting & Fishing Birds down

    Luke took his first dove on Sat moring. All in all he shot about 75 shells and knocked down 4 . I was proud of him. We both decided that we are much better with a bolt gun and scope. We had a great time and hope to go back next weekend.
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    Who has 300 WSM Brass?

    Looking for anyone with 300 WSM (Win) in stock. Any help??
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    Gunsmithing 308 bore?

    .298 vs .300??? In the planning stages of another 308 MAINLY dedicated to pushing heavies sub-sonic. What bore dia would you recommend?
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    Velocity check...300WSM

    My chrony is down. I know, buy a new one!!! Someone help me out until I get one. Specs: 26" factory Rem tube, 1-10" twist. Win brass, BR2 primers, 65.4 grs of RE17, 185 Bergers. Whatcha think? Come ups is telling me it's around 3050 fps.
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    Hunting & Fishing Decent O/U Shotgun

    Looking to get into my first O/U. Hope to get into the most reliable one for under $800. Suggestions??
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    300WSM and RE17

    Any of you shooting the combo? I just starting playing with it this week and it is showing good accuracy so far. No chrony results yet. ANy of you have any data to share? HOPEFULLY with 185-190gr bullets.
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    SPS 300WSM Varmint

    Have one sitting here about to be sent to the smith to fit up a #7 Broughton. I'm scared to shoot it because if it shoots well I will prob put the build on hold. This wouldn't be a bad idea because I need to move up in scopes instead of building another rifle. Question is are any of you guys...
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    Hunting & Fishing Bow fishing gear???

    It's been many years since I have been. Now that my 9 y/o is old enough to mess around with a bow he's interested. The equip I used looks A LOT like the same stuff I can buy locally. My question is what is good equip for a guy to get into without spending a fortune??? If anyone has a bow...
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    Hunting & Fishing Looking for a hog hunt

    For Luke, my 9 y/o, and me. I live in central MS. Would like to find something within 7-8 hour drive. Do you guys have any recommendations on an outfitter or land owner that would be accomodating? Thanks guys. Chris
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    Powder Valley primers

    Any of you getting primers from PV? Mine have been on back order for about 4 months. I know I'll get them when I get them. Just curious.
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    Base for Rem 504?

    Looking for a good one piece base for a 504. Any suggestions?
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    Rem 504T!!

    Finally picked up the Rem 504T I bought from a Hide member (THANKS). Put a 3-12 Burris on it with crap-for-rings and took it out. At 50 yards I ran several dif types of ammo through it. Most did really well. Hands down Anguilla kicked all others asses. Five didn't five shot groups were...
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    Rifle Scopes SS focus issues

    I have an older 16x SS. It seems like I'm having issues with the focus (it's a rear focus). Out past 200 or so I can get the target focused but the reticle is almost impossible to make out OR I can get the reticle in focus and the target is very blurry. If I send it in does any of you know...
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    223AI/TAC loads

    I was lucky enough to come up on VERY good deal on two #8 kegs of Tac. Any data to share? Plannig on runnig it with 75 Amax and 77 SMKs. I have formed Win and Lapua brass.
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    Rem 504T

    Why not the 504T for a drop-in barreled action for trainer? Just asking. Really want to put together a trainer and from what I can find the 504 is a decent action that gets you close to the 700 in fit and feel. Pros/Cons? Does McM inlet for the 504?
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    Suppressors Sig 226 9mm can?

    Looks like I am getting into a Sig 226 Tactical. Looking for suggestions on what can to run on it. Any opinions welcome.