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    Im confused! Need help

    i have a dpms lower and i bought a magpul ctr stock and there is quite alot of play,i know there is mil-spec and commercial buffer tubes and im pretty sure i have a commercial one because of the slant at the confused because i bought a commercial ctr and there is alot of wobble. so what...
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    Help ,ordering lower reciver questions.

    (First off im a noob)when ordering a lower reciver in MN i found out you need to have some sort of permit, how do obtain that? Also if im buying a complete lower and not a stripped one is there any difference? please help i got a bcm upper that wants a lower badly !
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    Ordering upper receiver question

    So just checking you do not need any paper work to order the upper receiver only right? ( I do not have a lower at the moment if that matters) I am ordering a BCM Standard 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group
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    Light weight barrel

    I was looking at BCM recce uppers and saw one that caught my eye. Which was the BCM BFH 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ VTAC TRX 13" Handguard. Then i kept looking at all the other recce uppers and did not find one that i liked as much that was in my price range as the upper with the 13"...
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    PRI Gen III

    Hows the weight on these things? Are they heavy, light, or somewhere in the middle?
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    Midlength MOE handguards?

    Has anyone seen anything about these handguards coming out or even being produced?
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    Lets see some through the aimpoint point pics.

    Lets see some through the aimpoint point pics.(or any other sight,eotech,trijicon,etc,)
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    What do you guys think of the.......

    What do you guys think of the noveske 16" Rogue Hunter 5.56mm upper. has anyone owned or have had experience with this upper. I also have another question. if i was going to get a noveske upper would it be a good to get that rogue or save up some more money for a 16" Recon 5.56mm Just want to...
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    I have a noob question

    What type of papers do I need to fill out when buying a ar15. Like can I buy the gun first then fill out the papers.(this is my first gun)
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    I have money and an idea, tell me what you think?

    I have around $1300 and was wondering if this was a good choice to buy,(Based on my Research i think it is =)) and just wanted to see your guys opinions. What i plan on buying is a BCM Midlength upper with the Larue 9 inch rail,BCM lower,BCM complete bolt carrier group and a BCM gunfighter...