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    Rifle Scopes Am I nuts to say no?

    I have a Schmidty PMII 5-25 with the GenII XR reticle mil with MOA knobs. My buddy has a Schmidt PMII mil/mil standard mil dot and BORS unit. He wants to trade me for my scope plus I add 600. I love that Gen II XR reticle so much for hold overs I'd hate to get rid of it. I'm just wondering...
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    Ogive OAL Seating depth, I'm going NUTS

    So I talked to the fella that designed my 260 reamer. I'm trying to figure the actual length to the lands. So he give me this calculation of the Ogive at .262 diameter and the an OAL of 2.178 to Ogive should touch the lands at .262 diameter on the bullet. He specifically said .264-.002 to...
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    OAL question on custom chamber

    My 260Rem chamber was cut using a custom reamer that has .080 freebore. Now is .080 the total length of the chamber to the lands starting from the neck? Or is there a bit more space after the freebore to the lands. Can I use this as a way to calculate total OAL on a loaded round using the...
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    Fine Tuning a Load's OCW and Seating Depth

    So I'm familiar with the round robin technique of powder charge selection but what's the best way to incorporate seating depth in the equation. Do you start with round robin in the groove and once you settle on the best OCW then start screwing with seating debth by backing off. Or do you start...
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    6.5mm 142smk vs 139 scenar

    Ok I'm betting this has already been covered but my search came up empty. So does anyone have any data on the 142smk vs 139 scenar? BC's would be a good start and moreso, how finiky are each one to load. I know the bergers are really picky on seating depth, the SMK's I've used before with...
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    Killing a 40x value

    So I just bought a pristine USMC marked 40x. I paid 1000 for it. I took it over to the gunsmith who refused to thread it cause it was so nice saying it would kill the value. Will it really hurt the value that bad? I have a suppressor I want to put on it for quiet practice.
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    Is this a good TRG 42 Deal

    I debating on getting a TRG 42 in 338 Lapua and I managed to find one new in box for 2250 shipped and my buddy is going to give me a muzzle break for free. It that a kicking good deal?
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    Gunsmithing Match Chamber or SAAMI

    So I'm at my gunsmith debating what to do. I'm building a 260 Rem and want a chamber that my bullets are in the groove at mag length. Mr. gunsmith says he recommends a SAAMI chamber and that he hates the 260 cause they are too finicky. Apparently SAAMI chambers have a lot of jump. Does a...
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    Range Report JBM Clculator Bug?

    So I assume its me so I'm hoping someone can/will explain this to me. When i plug in my crony data to JBM it won't out put the MOA drop in a way that makes sense or that I can correlate with my real DOPE data. It seems that it wants to calculate trajectory in reference to line of sight. Worse...
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    Suppressors Can I send in my form 4 early?

    So the silencer I have coming has been approved on the form 3 for the dealer on December 29th '10. So today, I took my form 4 filled out to the dealer to have him sign so I could send in the paperwork and get a jumpstart and he wouldn't sign. The manufacturer hasn't shipped him the can yet so...
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    Got the Wrong Melon

    This guy is nuts Crazy
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    175 SMK deal

    Just bought 8 packs of 175gr SMK for 26 bucks a pack today. Good deal or are prices starting to fall and now that's the norm?
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    So I did a load workup on my DPMS SASS. On a round robin I got a 1/2 MOA group. So I choose that load, built about 50 rounds n head to the range to dope out to 600. Just to confirm my 100 yd moa, I settled in and shot a group. Friggin went to pot. Now I"m about 1-1.5 MOA. So here are the...
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    PRS or UBR

    What is going to be a better choice for a precision AR10. The Magpul PRS or UBR and why? thanks,
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    Should I Sell?

    I have a custom built Reminton 260. Fluted bolt, Sako extractor, Tactical bolt, Bued/Trued, pinned lug for switch barrel, Mike Rock ie Rock Creek M24 26" 1:8 twist barrel bla bla bla. The thing regularly shoots 5 round 0.3MOA at 100 yards all day long easily. 1/2 MOA at 600 without even...
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    Rifle Scopes Mil-MOA conversion Technical question

    So there are guys that like mil/mil scopes, and guys that like the MOA/MOA scopes. The math for MOA range estimations is easier than Mils, so....How feasible is it to just mentally convert your 1 Mil dots to MOA? Any Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?
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    SO my buddy bought an 18", put 200 rounds through it. Wants to sell it to me for 2800. Good deal? Should I do it?
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    Gunsmithing Receiver question

    I bought a Surgeon RSR and would like to swap off the barrel of my Remington 700 260 and put it on the Surgeon. The Remington Receiver was mapped and trued. I know that if I try to put a factory bolt in it wont' close so its a tight fit. I just don't have enough money for a new barrel install...
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    Suppressors Manufacture Defect

    Who should pay the tax for the replacement on a rebuilt suppressor?
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    Odd 260 load data

    So I have a comprised list of data from different manufacturers for 260 Rem. I'm going through the list and find most max out at 46ish for a 140gr bullet using Hodgdon's 4831. Then I get to Hodgdon's manual. they list it at 140gr Nosler partitian gold H4831 45.7max. 142 Sierra HPBT H4831 48.0...