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  1. righttobeararms8

    Suppressors AAC 7.62 SDN-6 wiggleage?

    Holy crap, $40 for a single o-ring? How long does it last before needing to be replaced?
  2. righttobeararms8

    POF problems

    My one encounter with their CS dept was disappointing as well, but nowhere near as bad as yours. It's too bad. My experience soured me on their products as I'm sure yours will for you.
  3. righttobeararms8

    Adjustable Gas Block Options

    I've got a PRI on my 3 Gun rifle and had to file a flat on the side of it so a locking nut could be installed to keep it from changing its setting during a match. I'd recommend looking into the Syrac. I've been thinking of switching over to that one myself.
  4. righttobeararms8

    Can Anybody Identify This Daniel Defense Barrel Profile?

    DD calls that their Government contour. Daniel Defense Barrel AR-15 5.56x45mm NATO Government Contour Mid
  5. righttobeararms8

    Question: Driving 60k+ rounds of ammo, firearms across US with a twist

    I recently moved from Missouri to Florida and drove all of my guns/ammo down. I completely avoided Illinois and all was well. The felon you'll be riding with has me worried for you though. Good luck
  6. righttobeararms8

    Midway product notification

    Same thing happened with a notification I got about some Rainier 40 cal bullets. Gotta be quick!
  7. righttobeararms8

    Knights LPR SR15

    I'm interested to hear your range report. Trying to decide between a Mod 1 or LPR myself. Congrats!
  8. righttobeararms8

    Movie Theater Evil Dead 2013

    I'm in for sure
  9. righttobeararms8

    Does anyone know where to buy a .308 BCG?

    Not in stock ,but here's a couple: DPMS Bolt Carrier Assembly LR-308 308 Winchester Chrome DPMS Bolt Carrier Assembly LR-308 308 Winchester Matte
  10. righttobeararms8

    Ruger 10/22 threaded barrel end

    Buy a Tac Sol 10/22 threaded barrel. Super lightweight and no worry of baffle strikes.
  11. righttobeararms8

    22 ammo stock

    You wanna see some sickening prices? Check out 22 LR on gunbroker... Yikes
  12. righttobeararms8

    Son,s first .22 what scope?

    Another +1 for the Vortex.
  13. righttobeararms8

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Searching for a Glock 23 conversion kit

    I've been running a Tac Sol TSG-22 on my G34 for a while and it's a pretty good kit. They've got a kit for 19/23's as well. Tactical Solutions TSG-22 Rimfire Conversion Kit Glock 19 23 32 38 22
  14. righttobeararms8

    Cigars! is where I get mine. Good prices and they run lots of different deals throughout the week, so keep an eye on their website.
  15. righttobeararms8

    need your guys opinion on a trade

    It sounds like you don't need the mags or brass, so if I were you I'd probably pass unless you want to do the guy a favor. What headstamp is the brass? Crimped? Do you have a swager?
  16. righttobeararms8

    Gun Store Rescinds Mark Kelly’s AR15 Purchase

    Good on them for catching that before conducting the sale
  17. righttobeararms8

    amazing new dkx body armor!

    Looks like those have some potential
  18. righttobeararms8

    prices dropping

    22 Long Rifle ammo is the new thing now in terms of ridiculously overpriced goods. Just check out what a brick of 500 rounds is going for on gunbroker...
  19. righttobeararms8

    UH OH! Looks like a hoarder got caught

    Reading that article, I only have one comment. Fuck NY