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  1. doc76251

    Reloading 201: Other thoughts

    It has been a few years since I wrote Reloading 101 and I have commented several times that I should update it. Well I guess now is as good a time as any. This mental wandering is not comprehensive, it is “in addition to” the previous article. As...
  2. doc76251

    Reloading 101: Reloading basics for the new reload

    Reloading Basix: After helping quite a few folks recently getting set up for reloading I decided to put my thoughts on paper. Here is my spin on how to turn out good quality ammunition for precision/tactical rifle at minimum cost and minimum fuss...
  3. doc76251

    Questions about zero consistency.

    This is your answer. You cannot expect to have a consistent CBS after you clean a rifle. Once it is dirty, leave it that way. If it jumps off zero then you have other issues. Your ammo lot numbers may have an effect also as noted. Cheers, Doc
  4. doc76251

    Hunting & Fishing What do you see?

    I know for a fact that there is one of those kitty's in Pungo, VA. That's just a couple miles south of Virginia Beach. Cheers, Doc
  5. doc76251

    Shooting threaded barrel w/o brake, naked

    Shoot it. Just be aware that your POI may be different after you brake it. Cheers, Doc
  6. doc76251

    Range Report Can you make this cold bore shot? --Poll

    Sub MOA at 1K+, 90% of the time out of the gate? Not this cowboy. I'd scare the hell out of it 90% of the time but hitting it, not so much. I'd go 600 for a CBS with that percentage given your atmospherics. In an any condition, any time CBS (within reason), 450 - 500 yards. Cheers...
  7. doc76251

    45 years ago, what were you doing.

    Sitting at MCAS Miramar trying to figure out who this new guy living in my house was. He seemed to like me just fine, but I'd never met him before and he walked with a limp. Welcome home Dad! Sorry for puking on your Dress Blues and on General Krulak's shoes. Cheers, Doc
  8. doc76251

    Rifle Scopes Desired features of a hunting scope vs. a sniper's scope...

    Most hunters are "Set it and forget it" scope users. They shoot a box of ammo left over from last year and buy a new box this year. They also set up an 8" paper plate at "about" 100 yards and if they hit it 4 out of 5 times they proudly proclaim their rifle "sighted in". Precision shooters on...
  9. doc76251

    Rifle Scopes USO Reticle options

    Never mind thought you were getting a 1.8 - 10x Cheers, Doc
  10. doc76251

    Maggie’s Help me with some votes here -- Trying get us voted the Snobbiest Town!

    Damn, 50% 50% I got two smart phones ;) Cheers, Doc
  11. doc76251

    Maggie’s Help me with some votes here -- Trying get us voted the Snobbiest Town!

    50.14% Stowe 49.86% Woodstock Cheers, Doc
  12. doc76251

    Rifle Scopes Using a MK4 Second Focal Plane hashes at minimum power

    This is the correct answer. The hard stops at either end of the power ring are the only TRUE points you have. If it was me I'd be checking the top end for the correct line spacing also. Not that I have ever seen 7 out of 10 Leupy scopes unable to be dialed to the correct subtention in one...
  13. doc76251

    Maggie’s Help me with some votes here -- Trying get us voted the Snobbiest Town!

    50.51% Stowe 49.49% Woodstock Double dipped from home :P Cheers, Doc
  14. doc76251

    Talk about luck - Train Derailment

    Not UPS centric but is it me or have there been a whole lot of trains falling off of tracks recently? Like 4 in the past 2 weeks. Cheers, Doc
  15. doc76251

    Maggie’s Help me with some votes here -- Trying get us voted the Snobbiest Town!

    50.23% Stowe 49.77% Woodstock Cheers, Doc
  16. doc76251

    bullet seating depth

    Short version: Utilizing the concept of aim small, miss small you pick a very precise point on the target, say the intersection of two lines. If your rifle is dialed in and you take a shot and the bullet hits that aiming point but not perfectly you no longer have the same spot you were aiming...
  17. doc76251

    bullet seating depth

    Yep, not HS but same principle and truth be told I think B&C does a better job with their blocks. Before looking for a bedding smith I'd get a torque wrench and pull the action. With just an allen wrench I'd put the screws in one at a time and see if (visually) the action lifts on either end...
  18. doc76251

    bullet seating depth

    Well it was a thought. Is that action bedded per chance or riding on an aluminum block? I had a similar experience with my Winny HBV until I started messing with torque settings when it was in the original HS-P stock, it was resolved completely when I bedded the action to the block. Cheers, Doc
  19. doc76251

    bullet seating depth

    You are experiencing split groups. "Generally" it comes from losing position in the middle of the string. Whether it be from attempting to stay in one position or more likely in the case of a 338, not noticing that your position has changed. When you do toss the shot you think "%^#$" and you...
  20. doc76251

    FL or neck size?

    IMHO a properly set up FL die will work your case less over time than neck/body/FL when it's TOO big. The piece of mind that comes with knowing it's going to work EVERY TIME is priceless. Cheers, Doc