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  1. Stringer

    Dogtown 55gr HP: any experience with these?

    Just got a few 55gr HP "Dogtown" bullets from Midway. My intent was to make a cheap .223 plinking round for the AR. Questions to people with experience with loading these bullets for .223: 1. I'm concerned mostly about COAL. These are really short bullets, and anything longer than 2.200"...
  2. Stringer

    Rifle Scopes Exit pupil question

    I have recently become interested in predator hunting. After meeting with local hunters, I found out they mostly hunt coyote at short range (about 50 yds), and in the dark using a spotlight. These hunters use scopes with 50 mm objectives, set at a magnification of 3x or lower. The rationale is...
  3. Stringer

    Gunsmithing M700 squirming bolt

    When I dryfire my 700 on an empty chamber, the bolt moves forward about 0.020". It seems like the sear and firing pin mechanism pull the bolt rearward. The large 0.020 (measured with feeler gauges) concerns me. When I put a dummy round in the chamber and dryfire, the bolt twists slightly...
  4. Stringer

    Winchester 52 questions

    I recently acquired a 1956 52C heavy barrel which, judging by the dusty crud in the bolt assembly, probably hasn't been used in decades. I want to get it going again and fit some aperture sights. Here's what I'm starting with: It has a marksman stock that appears aftermarket, because the...
  5. Stringer

    Sinclair has S&B rifle primers 6/15

    Sinclair has S&B small and large rifle. small large
  6. Stringer

    Gunsmithing MSC promo code (expires tomorrow) & question

    MSC/J&L is having promotions on measuring tools (code MEAS30WA) and power transmission (code PT35WA), and the offer ends tomorrow. MSC link Since I am getting tired of using the generic common-use tools at the shop, I thought this would be a good time to invest in some quality measuring...
  7. Stringer

    Gunsmithing Barrel crowning question

    So my friend was complaining about his beat up old Argentine 1911 shooting a foot high and left at 25 yds, something that started when he inherited an old junky barrel from another shooter. When he showed me the pistol, I noticed a fair amount of damage around the crown, and presumed this was...
  8. Stringer

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek flip up size for a Leupy?

    I searched but didn't find so, What would be the appropriate Butler Creek flip up size for Leupold 4.5-14x40AO? The objective OD on this scope is 2.0" and the eye OD is 1.6". I think #14 eye (1.605") will work for the eye, but I'm not sure about the objective: #31 is listed as 1.998" #33 is...