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    Walther P22

    A co-worker of mine brought me one of these that he disassembled and now he can't get it back together. I've gotten it all back together except I am having a bit of trouble getting the safety aligned correctly do any of you guys have a pic of how it is installed? Thanks Josh
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    Analog watch

    Hey guys, I need some recommendations for a tough watch for less than $200. This watch must have an analog second hand and it needs to be readable at night. I am looking for something nicer than a timex,I have looked at a couple of g shocks here locally but haven't found a model with an analog...
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    Attempted robbery near my workplace

    This happened at a convenience store that I frequent daily about a block from my job. I am proud of Joe (the owner) if more people would take this action then maybe the city would be a bit safer.
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    Anyone got a Droid X,wanna swap?

    Anyone with a new or like new Droid X want to trade for a like new Droid 2?
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    Any Subaru WRX STI owners here?

    I have been tossing around the idea of getting one of these cars,I have always liked them but never had the oppurtunity to drive one. I am looking into some used ones 2005 & up any info,comments or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks WB
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    New Mcree stock

    I have been anxious to get my action bolted up to my new Mcree folder(thanks Scott).I got my action back from the smith today,he cut my barrel down to 20 inches and recrowned.I can't wait to get to the range this weekend and try it out.
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    Left hand folding stocks

    Guys, I have been tossing around the idea of getting a folding chassis for my left hand model 700. I was wondering if anyone could chime in with manufacturers that offer a folding chassis for left hand models.I know thay are making the AICS in a left hand model,but I have never been big on...
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    Rifle Scopes ARD for 4-16x42 Schmidt Bender

    Anyone know where to get one of these? I saw the thread about the ARDs for the other SBs but didn't notice this scope listed unless I over looked it.
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    Gunsmithing Recessed crown

    Hey guys,is it possible to cut a recessed terget crown by hand? I have cut one down and done the 11 degree crown but haven't tried doing a recessed crown.
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    Rifle Scopes Looking for new glass,need help deciding

    Guys, I am going to make a purchase within a couple of weeks and I am undecided as to which scope to get.I am looking at either the Nightforce F1,S&B PMII,and the Premier Heritage. Could any of you with extensive experience with these chime in. I know all of the info is out there on all of...
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    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender

    Hey guys,who has the best prices and stock on Schmidt & bender scopes?
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    3-gun competitions

    Hey guys, I will be shooting in my first 3-gun comp this weekend and I was wondering if any of you guys who compete in these have any tips or recommendations? Thanks WB
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    Load data help

    Reloading gurus,I need some help. I had some Hornady 180 gr. boattail soft points given to me and I am in need of some good load data for this bullet.I intend to use this as my hunting bullet this season. It will be shot out of a factory SPS varmint .308. Unfortunately,I am without a chrono at...
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    Got my rig back together

    Finally got off my ass and put my rig back together after waiting on my badger m5 and bedding the stock.I put a little krylon on her as well,gonna take it to the range this weekend and see if the bedding helped at all.
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    Gunsmithing 1911 overhaul

    I've got a Colt combat commander that doesn't run worth a damn,so I was thinking of just going through this pistol and replacing all of the internals with Wilson parts.Any opinions on if this will fix my problems and is it something I can handle.I am an auto technician,so I am pretty comfortable...
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    Suppressors 1st Polymer pistol

    Guys,I am thinking of taking the plunge and finally trying out a polymer pistol.I am new to these as I have always had 1911's.I am undecided as to which pistol to get,it has to be a 45 acp as I only want to stock 1 caliber of ammo.If you polymer pros could give me some of your recommendations...
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    Rifle Scopes Ruger 30mm ring height

    Hey guys, I am trying to mount a scope on my boss' Ruger 300 win mag. He's got a 30mm maintube with a 50mm objective lens.I was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction as to what ring to use as well as what height would get it done.Thanks Wombat
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    Gunsmithing Pics or specs for M40A3 receiver cuts

    Hey guys,I am looking for either good specs or pics for the cuts to fit a spec M40A3 picatinny rail.Thanks in advance. Wombat
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    IRA DPMS lower

    Has anyone received their DPMS compatible Iron Ridge lower??
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    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in Central Arkansas

    Anyone know of a good smith in central AR? I am looking to have a new set of sights installed on my 1911.