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    Suppressors Probably a stupid question. Glock guys please.

    Can I run a barrel and magazine made for a glock 27 in my glock 26 and have no problems or are they not backwards compatible?
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    My plan for future training plus a few questions.

    In April 2011 I leave for Navy basic training. I received a contract for an Aircrewman rating (Avionics Technician). A couple days ago i received a guaranteed spot at Aviation Rescue Swimmer school. So im pretty excited about that, its what ive always wanted. With that rating comes a little...
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    Suppressors New Glock 26, got a few questions.

    I recently picked up a used Glock 26 for a great price, and its hardly been used at all. I think the guys wife shot about a box through it and decided she hated it so he bought her a full size. Anyway, i got it for a steal, and now i have a few questions. I think i got an older model, theres...
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    Critique this build, 6.5 Grendel

    Yeah i know, another build thread, but this one will have pics soon! Let me know how this combination of parts sounds: -Mega billet side charging upper -Young MFG national match bolt carrier with side charger -24" 1 in 9" twist Sabre Defense barrel -BCM gunfighter charging handle -Yankee...
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    Suppressors Obtaining a concealed carry permit under 21?

    I keep hearing people talking about getting concealed carry permits before age 21, because they are active Navy, Army, etc. Is this true and legal? Im always tempted to dissagree, but am I wrong? If so, is this done through the Navy, or would you just show the CHL instructor proof of being...
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    Suppressors Need an assembly guide for the sig p228 frame.

    I took my p228 frame apart and cant get it back together. Is there a step by step guide online with pics hopefully of how to assemble it again?
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    Where can i find ceracoat?

    I've been searching all over for ceracoat. I can't find it anywhere online. Isn't there an aerosol spray type in a can? Is this method recomended?
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    A source for the Alexander Arms SC Upper?

    I want to build a 6.5 Grendel upper, and a friend of mine was showing me one he built on a side charging billet upper. I fell in love with it, and want to use a similar one for my build. I found the Alexander Arms billet side charging upper and this looks like a good choice for building a...
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    Need an ammo storage box for .300 win mag

    Here's the catch. Tip up storage instead of tip down. Anyone know of a 50 or 100 round plastic storage box that will hold .300 win mag rounds tip up? Preferably with a folding hinged top that snaps down instead of a slide on top type.
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    Rock Chucker kit a good choice? Beginner

    I need to get into reloading, as ammo costs are killing me. I went to Gander mountain to look at reloading equipment, and they have the Rock Chucker Supreme master kit for 360 bucks. It looks like a solid kit and touts that it has everything needed to get started except bullet components and...
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    Recommend a nice gun safe?

    I used the search feature and didnt turn up a WHOLE lot of reading, I just need a quick recommendation on a good gun safe. I want it to hold 24-30 guns, and have shelves on one side, or at least configurable to have shelves on one side. Fireproof and tough please. My price range is about...
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    Best gun related deal you ever made.

    Tell us about the best gun related deal you ever made. Bought, sold or traded, in what deal did you come out farthest ahead? I traded a rommy AK for a beautiful Sig Sauer P228 and a couple mags. Just the AK and cardboard box it came in. I got the pistol and a few magazines, which all look...
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    Recommend a good plate carrier please

    I need a plate carrier so I can attach mags to it for mag changes at the range. I plan on enrolling in some training classes and I need a way to have extra mags ready besides laying them on a shooting bench. This is not for looking cool at the mall, so I want a really good one. Suggestions?
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    A request for a simple nylon product

    I have a simple nylon zippered soft case for my sidearm to ride around in and its worn to the point that I needs replacement. I know I could get one at a sporting goods store for 5 bucks, but if someone could build me one out of some 1000d nylon triple stitched with nice zippers and light...
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    Suppressors Makarov type pistols? Should i even consider it?

    Im a big surplus guns fan, i dont own but one, but i love the looks and feel of them. I want a mosin, but then i found this little guy on AIM. .45 ammo is killing me, and this 9x18 makarov ammo is cheap as hell, and available near me also, so i could get ammo easily and cheaply. Question is...
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    Flashlight recommendation/help please

    I need a recommendation for a flashlight. I like the tacticool ones because while aluminum with flesh cutters/window breakers on the bezels look cool for mall ninjas, they also hold up well. I got a Streamlight TLR 1s for my handgun and last night i blinded myself with the strobe on it...
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    Gunsmithing Talk to me about muzzle brakes.

    My remmy 700 slings a big old .300 win mag bullet and kicks pretty hard. I understand a muzzle brake will reduce recoil significantly. Unfortunately, thats about all i know on the subject. Will the APA fat bastard brake work well for my application or do i not need something that big? My...
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    Whats going on with Triad Tactical?

    EDIT… Everthing is fine. Steve took care of everything, I was just being impatient.
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    Im gonna ask. Should i get an AK?

    I want an AK really bad, I've shot a few and really liked them. Problem is I keep reading bad things about them. The one I'm going to end up with is a Century built from the local gun shop. With my funds being saved for more precision parts, I've got about 400 to play with. Leaving me with few...
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    Suppressors First time shooting pistol, tell me how i did.

    So i went to the range the other day to shoot a pistol for my first time. I own a Springfield XDM .45, which i shot alot. My target was all ripped up. Then while i was in the rifle range shooting the target rifle, a guy asked me if i wanted to try his XDM 9mm. I got this: I like the .45...