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  1. California

    Accessories WTB: New Superlative Arms AGB (.750 ) - PURCHASED THANK YOU

    I have been looking around, and I cannot find any in stock. It could be stainless steel or melonite. I need it to finish a build.
  2. California

    Episode 183

    @Lowlight We need more Unfiltered Frank combined with Denis Leary! It was a very enjoyable episode. Good talking points on the fundamentals too. Will probably listen to it again to hear you fired up.
  3. California

    Another Californian...

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to send a big hello out from Southern California. I’m not new to the site; I’m new to posting on the site. I just completed the Alaska Precision Rifle Course this past weekend. Best training ever! Great group of guys too. I even got to be on the podcast with Frank...