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    N550 & 260 Remington load

    Anyone try N550 and 123 Scenars in 260 Remington? If so what was your load data. Thanks.
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    RE-15 & 260 Rem.

    Has anyone tried RE-15 with 123 Scenars in a .260?
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    Indoor shooting

    I went to an indoor range yesterday and my brass showed excessive pressure. I have used the same load (47.0 H4831sc) for 3000 rounds without any problems. Can the enclosed facility make a difference?
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    Velocity for .260

    What velocity should I be looking for in a 26 inch 8.5 twist .260 barrel. I will try H4350 and 4831SC powders with 139 Scenars and Br2 primers. TIA Lance
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    S&B scope caps

    I would like to buy a couble of sets of Butler scope caps for my S&B 5x25-56 scope. Any suggestions on on where to buy them. Also the size I would need. Lance
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    Transport case for 35P

    Can someone recommend a transport case for a 35P chronograph. Thanks. Lance
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    Rifle Scopes Scope clearance

    I have a GAP semi auto that I placed a S&B 5x25-56 scope on. I am using a 1 piece AI mount. The clearance is only about 1/8 of an inch. Will this be enough clearance? Lance
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    Anyone using TAC for .308

    Is anyone using TAC in there .308 with 175smk.
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    Level 3 holster

    Looking for a level 3 thigh rig for a Sig 226 9mm. Can someone point me in the right direction. I like the ones that have the thumb safety that rotate to cover the hammer. TIA. Lance
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    Rifle Scopes S&B adjustment

    I have a S&B 5x25. It is zeroed for 100 yards but the yellow is showing in the window on top. How do I rotate the turret on top to the first rotation without having to re-zero. Thanks.
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    Gunsmithing Barrel Change

    When changing a barrel is any prep needed to the barrel or the action? Do you oil the threads on the barrel? TIA
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    Reloading 9mm

    Just starting to reload 9mm. I have 115gr fmj bullets and titegroup powder. Anyone here reloading using those components. TIA Lance
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    Gunsmithing Installing a new trigger

    I am installing a new trigger in my Surgeon rifle. My question, is it ok for the trigger assembly to touch the stock?
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    Breaking the Jewell trigger

    Morning ya'll, for the second time I have broken the spring(s) in my jewell trigger in my 243 Surgeon Scapel. My load is 42.5 H4350, Br2 primers, lapua brass and OAL of 2.840. Velocity is 3000fps. I get no pressure signs until the primer is pierced and the resulting spring damage. This has...
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    Purchase of H4350 powder

    Anyone know where I can get some H4350 on the internet. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes 16 power vs. 25 power S&B

    I don't know if this has been discussed but what are the advantages of one over the other. TIA
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    Gunsmithing Trigger for M1A

    I'm looking for a drop in trigger for my M1A, two stage preferred. Any ideas? Lance
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    Barrel Life

    Generally speaking how many rounds does the 260 Rem barrel last. Would there be any difference between a bolt 260 barrel and a semi 260 barrel. Assuming moderate loads, not laser loads. TIA
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    Rifle Scopes S&B 12 power or 16 power

    Any thoughts on 12 power vs. 16 power S&B scope out to 1000 yards. Not benchrest or hunting only tactical. Thanks
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    Is it common for the speed of a bullit to slow down as the barrel gets more fouled as you shoot? I started my first string of 5 and averaged 2990fps with my .243,115 Dtacs, 2 strings later I was averaging 2960 and 2 strings after that I was averaging 2930.