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    Movie Theater Dead Man Down

    2 hour movie was excellent. Definetely worth seeing on the big-screen.
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    Gunsmithing Defiance mis-firing. Anyone else had this issue?

    This is the 2nd Defiance I've had that mis-fires. 1st Defiance we changed the firing spring to a Wolf 32lb spring and that seemed to cure the problem, only 1 mis-fire in last 40 shots. The current Defiance had spring replaced, but still mis-fires. It's not my CCI BR2 primers because they work...
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    Movie Theater Killing them big time!

    6 people walked out including myself & wife. Theater Mgr said he has refunded 14 tickets today already. Don't waste your time guys.
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    Movie Theater Anyone seen the movie Flight?

    Worth seeing on the big screen?
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    Movie Theater Sinister?

    Looking for couple reviews before going, anyone see it yet?
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    Movie Theater That's My Boy

    Probably the raunchiest movie I've ever seen. Definetely not for the kids! If you liked Step-Brothers, you'd like this also imo. I thought it was halarious.
  7. S losing Mfr info?

    Anyone noticed has lost Sierra & Nosler Info? Example load search, .243 with 95gr Sierra or Nosler info.
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    Any Computer Gurus here? Need help....

    Maybe somebody with more computer knowledge can help me? I keep getting this security pop-up every 20-60 seconds. I have ran my McAfee full scan, still happens. Sometimes even routes me to other sites. I have windows 7. Copy of this a virus? It will not let me check the "do not...
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    Movie Theater Horrible Bosses

    Alright people this was some funny shit! If you like'll enjoy this one also.
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    Rifle Scopes Murphy's Precision pics

    Just recieved another complete set from Murphy's and wanted to give another '2 thumbs up' for quality work performed. He builds to your specs and I decided to try something different and remove material over the port hole. Thought I would share since he(Cameron Murphy) is a sponsor on...
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    Movie Theater Resident

    Rented it last night, very good entertainment. Couple nice shots of Hilary Swank also.
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    Any Manner's molded-in custom rifles complete yet?

    Any of you guy's finished a build with Manner's gel colors yet? If so, how 'bout some pics?
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    Movie Theater The Fighter

    Good story and very entertaining. Christian Bale did a great job.
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    Rifle Scopes Don't be jealous!

    Got some Murphy's Precision hardware in today. Defiance machine, 0 moa & titanium, all engraved into base. Pretty damn nice if you ask me.
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    .260rem w/130gr VLD, Varget or imr4350

    I have Varget & imr4350 around and wanting to load up the .260rem with 130gr VLD's, anyone have a good recipe with above Ingredients? Also heard Varget is a barrel burner on .260rem yes/no/opinion? Thanks
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    Movie Theater Next three days

    Very good movie. Definitely worth seeing.
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    Limewire shutdown

    US Supreme court shutdown Limewire yesterday and was wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative music sharing site?
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    Question for the VLD hunting bullet users?

    Took a few load developments to achieve .600 groups using 150gr SGK's out of my .308. Now wanting to try the VLD hunting bullet in a 155gr and must load for adl box fit (2.815) so probably will be no where near the lands. Do you guys find the VLD bullets accurate and forgiving if not touching...
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    Movie Theater Other guy's

    Seen it, was not worth price of admission. Good for a blockbuster rental. Maybe.
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    Custom .308 from Gradous rifles

    Sharing a few pics of my .308win and Robert Gradous rifles when I picked up my rifle. No"employee builds" here, Robert Gradous is a perfectionist and a one man operation. The attention to detail is first class. .308win Bartlien barrel @ 21" {in stock!}Gradous stock's barrels. Bat action...