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  1. zfk55

    Range Report Chronos & Snow

    We're getting no readings on the CED Millenium. There's a foot of snow on the ground and we have dark panels around the base under the skyscreens, but no go. Its a relatively bright day anyway. Is this just too bright to normally get a Chrono reading? Temp is around 18 above but the manual says...
  2. zfk55

    Rifle Scopes The Ring/Mount scam

    Please see my last post, and accept my apologies. zfk55
  3. zfk55

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Q and an immediate "A"

    From an email enquiry this morning. -------------------------------------------- Leupold Customer Service Product Specialist Group Phone (503) 526-1400 Reference Call # Caller: - xxxxxxxxxxx Phone: Summary: Leupold Service Reply Sir, ALl of our rifle scopes are made here in the U.S. right...
  4. zfk55

    hBN and Barrel Maintenance

    If you are using the hBN impact coating process on all of your projectiles and your barrel is now burnished from repeated successful group firings, what do you do for regular barrel maintenance. Thanks for any info. zfk55
  5. zfk55

    Rifle Scopes Imminent purchase and I need user opinions.

    We've narrowed the search down to two manufacturers. Premier Heritage and US Optics SM3 Series 5x25 TPAL, or similar for solid 1,000 yard clarity shooting. Please, no recommendations for other scopes. We've been through all of the options and our own requirements and need solid user advice on...
  6. zfk55

    Hexagonal Boron Nitride and the SMK 175

    We're about to begin a process on Sierra M/K 175 projectiles, and we're going to use Hexagonal Boron Nitride. After a number of correspondences with the maker of the rifle, he's agreed that HBN is superior to Moly in that HBN doesn't have the eventual adverse effects on the bore inherent in...