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    WTB Remington 700 detachable mag kit SA 308

    If you want a complete extra stock with bottom metal, action screws, magazine, Karsten cheek rest, let me know. I bought the rifle on the hide and upgraded to a McRee chassis.
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    Recommend a Left Handed chassis or stock - R700 compatible

    McRee competition G10 folder
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    Mcrees chassis' good products?

    I own several McRee chassis. The G10 folding comp model is the cat's meow. They are almost 2LBS lighter than the older model. Built like a tank. Combat proven for over a decade. They are also building ELR chassis now.
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    SOLD Remington 700 LA Sendero Stock

    If you would consider a chassis, I know where there is a new McRee black G5 for under $500
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    SOLD Bushnell DMR ii, G3

    Not at this time. Thanks.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Thinking about getting a Glock

    G43X for conceal carry, with the Trij sights. G19 or G17 are great guns, I still like the Gen3. It's something every man needs, like a Ruger 10-22.
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    11mm Dovetail scope rings

    I run a McRee base on the 457, yes it is tall. Low rings on top, whatever flavor you like.
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    Maggie’s Where to meet my Soldier/son on leave?

    I can't stand cities, but actually enjoyed Rome. You can ride the subway all day on a pass (7eu a few years ago), or take a tour bus to the major attractions. Wife is a big fan of Sicily. Northern Italy and Sicily on bucket list. Some neighbors took a train up to the Italian Alps and said it...
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    Calling all angry old men, what was life like with 12% home loans?

    Late 80's 10.5% first house, on active duty. Brand new house was $109K in SoCal. zillow shows it worth $550k now. My other SoCal house 1990's was $196K, it now shows $1.35MIL, wished I had kept that one. Edit, I remember when Carter was Pres (I was in HS), the news showed lines of people...
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    WTB Scope for a rimfire

    The SWFA fixed 10x are about $300 plus ship and have Japanese glass. Everything else at that price is made in PI or China, and have cheap internals. These almost always show out of stock but show in stock right now.
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    Median Home Prices?

    San Diego, OC, and Ventura $500 to $800 sqft. in any decent suburb. Las Vegas, Nashville, and anything in Memphis suburbs are $200+ per sqft and more. Those are the areas I follow.
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    Dirt Bikes

    KLR650 up to year 2007, or XR650L. You will outgrow a smaller one in 3 months, so get the 650.
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    $60k for a base F150?

    Not sure specifics, but the Supercrew weighs 300LBS more than supercab. Supercab has the little suicide doors and 6.5 standard bed, so it is going to have more towing and payload than this truck. Also, if you add the tow package, you get 3.73 gears and external Trans oil cooler and a bump in...
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    $60k for a base F150?

    Passing through town I saw this 2022 supercrew basic XL with plain V6, $43k out the door in TN including tax and tags. No dealer markup on the base models there. I was so impressed with the dealer, I ordered a similar truck and will fly out in 3 months to pick it up.
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    Da Nang USMC Sniper School March 1968 - Photos

    Read this book by Ed Eaton for some good RVN info, pics, and stories. Ed and Chuck Mawhinney are also honorary volunteer staff at Ed and Chuck have been featured on History Channel Sniper Deadliest Missions. Ed was also recommended for the Medal of Honor.
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    SOLD **FOUND**WTB: Badger Dead Level

    I got on the wait list at and got notified when they were back in stock. Triad is one of the larger Badger dealers.
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    Rifle Scopes $2k 308 Bolt gun Optic?

    I run Bushnell 3.5-21 on my 308. The G3 reticle is uncluttered. Its half your budget. Japanese made.
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    I’m going to Vegas. I need help with the details!

    Honestly, I would recommend San Diego or Hawaii for relaxation, pool time, weather, and good food for a non-gambling couple. I concur with hash house for good food portions. The buffets have gotten stupid expensive except for the station casino chain. Read Trip Advisor for thousands of...
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    SOLD Wtb 34mm medium rings

    NF extreme duty 1.125? I got a barely used set $110 and a new set $150. I like this height, seems to be less strain on neck, yes I'm getting old. (I also run 1" and .885" NF rings but they are 30mm). Edit: price drop
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    I need a recommendation for a better 308.

    I have a REM700 308 built by Spartan Rifles that is a laser beam, not even broken in yet.