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    Firearms Tac Ops Delta 51 in 6.5 Creedmoor ( SOLD )

    SOLD.... Gentlemen It's not a 100% yet but it's looking like it's a hard 99% I might have a Delta 51 in a 6.5 Creedmoor aval for sale... BRAND NEW McMillan A-3 Carbon fiber fully adjustable with a VBC threaded 5/8 by 24 ( not my normal thread on my platforms ) with a Tac Ops Muzzle Brake...
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    Accessories Tac Ops Drag Bags

    Gentlemen I have a small amount of Drag Bags I'm going to post here probably Monday. I'll have some Black Multi Cam and Coyote Brown I believe... It's really not a group buy but I'm trying to offer a decent price for the Hid members. Fed Ex shipping went from around $28 to $38 dollars to around...
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    Firearms Tac Ops LIMA 51 Suppressed

    Gentlemen I might have a LIMA 51 available in about 21 days coming off line. This is based off a Remington 700 S/A right hand McMillan A 4 stock with a spacer system and 1” Decel Pad , Anz. Rail ( 10 inch ) Surgeon Modified DBM the way that I do them ( front legs machined off ) with qty.1 5...
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    Firearms Tac Ops Suppressed Delta 51

    Gentlemen I might have a Suppressed Tac Ops Delta 51 in 308 overrun available to ship in two to four weeks... I don't post pics but if you PM me I'd be happy to go over all details ... Thank you Mike R.
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    Accessories H&K P7M8 Mags Black-T Finish

    I sold my P7M8 years ago and was going through some bags and found 7 of them that look great with the Birdsong Black-T finish. If your interested shoot me a PM I'm sure we can work something out... Mike R.
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    Tac Ops / Tac 70 @ 2000 yards

    Received a call from a Civilian customer today and he stated he took his Tac Ops 338 Lapua out to 2000 yards. The Conditions were not the best as he was dealing with some windy conditions. The first shot on the plate was high right then he made his adjustments. He stated he placed 7 rounds in...
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    Accessories Get Ready for Another Tac Ops Drag Bag Group Buy

    We are making lots of Drag Bags at the moment give me a wish list so I can get them ready gents... I'll start a new thread but kind of wanted to see what sizes and colors The Hide Guys wanted... Mike R.
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    Accessories TAC OPS DRAG BAG GROUP BUY...

    TAC OPS GROUP BUY IS ON... Good Luck :) OK FIRST COME “ I’LL TAKE THAT” FIRST SERVE PERIOD. I WILL NOT POST ANY MORE AT THIS PRICE WHEN THESE SELL OUT SORRY GENTS. USPO ( Money Order ) would be best to have the bag leave the same day your payment arrives. If you send a personal check the bag...
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    Tac Ops Drag Bags...EVERYTHING SOLD HERE, Thank You

    Hello Gents I have a small over run of a few Drag Bags from an Alphabet Agency contract we just fulfilled $300 shipped to your door Via Fed Ex Ground other then Alaska , PR or Hawaii its a $70 dollars savings... You'll get an OD stock pack included a $35 dollar value bringing the deal to $105...