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    Parallax and cheek weld

    That would be proper eye relief. Your pupil is 3-7mm in diameter depending on ambient light. Your scope needs to put out an exit view of that size or larger at the spot your eye is in relation to the scope (think cone shape). If the diameter of the scope image is smaller than your pupil, you...
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    Parallax and cheek weld

    NPA - natural point of aim. Basically, where are you looking and where is the rifle aimed if you close your eyes, hold the rifle in position, and get comfortable? If it is on target and you can see the sights/scope properly, you are good to go. Sight radius is only for irons - it is the...
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    On lower quality ammo it happens because the priming compound isn't at the right spot (where your fp hits) in siginificant quantities, so no primer pop so no powder ignition. Or, it is caused by not enough of a whack from the fp (damaged chamber end, etc). You can always rotate the round some...
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    Parallax and cheek weld

    If it is truly parallax free at the distance you are shooting, then cheek weld won't affect difference in POA and POI Of cousre, it can still affect all the other variables, but as to what your eye sees as the POA and what the bullet does as the POI won't be off.
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    New Savage MK II BTV and First Trip to the Range

    Mine prefers subsonic ammo - various SS HP loads, the low end target stuff (Wolf, SK Magazine, CCI SV, Norma TAC-22). Typically they take about 350-500 rounds to "break in". Also, mine likes 20-25 rounds of new ammo down the barrel when changing before it will really show the potential for...
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    Sticky bolt/stuck bolt and other pre repssure signs when supressed 22LR

    Soundsike the smith shortened the chamber a tad to give you a tighter match style chamber. Perhaps too short.
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    Sticky bolt/stuck bolt and other pre repssure signs when supressed 22LR

    If you chamber a riund and remove without firing does it look ok or squashed/swaged ?
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    10/22 Help

    Oh, and of course this all depends on what you want to do. I'll recommend heading to and checking out the "ultimates" sub-forum and the "super stock" sub-forum. Two nice extremes and the only thing in common is accuracy and the person who built it wanted it that way.
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    10/22 Help

    Buying all KIDD as complete rifle will set you back a lot... but it will be very nice. Have Brimstone do a stage 3 trigger job ($35). Have Que do your bolt ($35) and set back, rechamber, and recrown your factory barrel ($80ish). Do the auto bolt release mod yourself, pillar bed your self, and...
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    Rimfire Ammo Questions

    Like you I scrimp and save for ammo. My Savage BTV likes everything sub sonic I've tried, more $ means more quality means more consistency means more accurate. When I have money and I can find it, I buy CCI SV, SK Magazine, Norma TAC-22. Remember that SK is the same as Wolf. Almost all order...
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    Rimfire Ammo Questions

    Step up to a higher quality ammo. Wolf, SK, Norma's TAC-22 are all good and available for ~6/box w/ shipping and such figured in If you are sitting on a mountain of the Fed ammo, from what I've read on RFC weight sorting and rim thickness sorting really don't help much. I have read that...
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    Savage Mk II FSS

    My BTV prefers the various subsonic HP offerings, CCI SV, SK Magazine, and Tac-22
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    Savage Mark II FV-SR most accurate ammo?

    I have a BTV so you probably don't care that it prefers subsonic ammo in general, higher quality (say, SK or Norma TAC-22) will shrink groups a little and reduce flyers, but cheap stuff (CCI SV, Rem SSHP, Win 40grn SSHP, etc) does really good too. Plenty of stuff out there around or under...
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    What to do with 10/22 take off barrels?

    Depends on what kind of tools you have available and your skill set. Personally, having neither, I sold my 2 take offs - both from rusty pawn shop buys to use as build hosts, one from a '76 edition with the "made in the 200th year of american liberty" stamp, sold both for $25 each plus...
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    Primal Rights Rimfire Clearance Sale

    Oh sure after I blow my monthly mad money on 50c/rnd 7.62x51 !
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    DIY Target Cam

    I'm thinkin raspberry pi, a webcam, wireless and just sending an image stream back using VLC or similar. View it on cell phone.
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    Target Idea / Anyone Do This Yet?

    Yeah, if you don't have a spotter w/ appropriate optics it sounds like a good option. Another may be to use one of the large round plastic spinners and attach your target directly to it - you'll still see it swing on a hit.
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    Any luck with Norma TAC Star ammo?? stocks it, has it for $50/brick and $10 flat rate shipping. 3 brick max per order. Rebranded/packaged RWS ammo, much like Wolf is rebranded/packaged SK/Lapua.
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    10/22 sell or keep question

    Any work done to the bolt or trigger group? If so, sell the stock and barrel and rebuild it back up. If it just has a new stock and barrel, sell the whole thing and buy a Ruger LVT model.
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    Scope recommendation

    Not sure if you would call this mil/mil but it does have a mildot reticle option. I have the regular crosshair one, works like a champ and can focus to waaay close. My only complaint is that on mine the crosshairs are a bit thick for the type of shoot-offs we have for our informal matches...