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    landing on a postage stamp - slightly less figurative version

    Good video of a harrier emergency landing under other than normal circumstances Marine Harrier pilot sticks incredible landing on tiny bench at sea | Marine Corps Times |
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    Kyoto must-see list

    Quick turnaround for any of you Japan travel pros - my girlfriend and I are in Japan (Yokosuka area) until the 4th and decided to do a spur of the moment trip down to Kyoto starting Sunday and coming back on the 1st. Anything we absolutely should not miss while we are down there? So far I...
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    Maggie’s Archer fans - you need to see the new trailer

    Archer -- Danger Zone - YouTube
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    Training Courses High School Air Rifle Instruction

    Not a posting for a course, but rather a request for references and info - thought it would best fit in here. I am starting as an assistant coach for my local high school air rifle team. I shot XTC in college, but there are definitely some differences (i.e. kneeling vs sitting, the equipment)...
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    Member Link Up Any Quantico shooters run a DTA?

    I've been looking at these for some time now and like the idea, but have no idea what to expect because I've never touched a bullpup. I'm thinking of slimming down my closet (gasp, blasphemy I know), and dropping the AR-10, 5R, and an AR-15 or two and picking up a DTA w/ .308 conversion. I'd...
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    Literature for our children

    Or in my case, hoped-for, future children. Don't worry, I eventually get to how this is all gun-related... I finished reading <span style="text-decoration: underline">Red Planet</span>, which reaffirmed my awe in Robert Heinlein as a writer. He captures ideas that I greatly admire and am...
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    Flame on sports bike enthusiasts

    Just starting to look at riding bikes as a hobby and preferred mode of transportation. I have 0 experience beyond the Navy BRC and I'm looking at getting a GSXR-600 (guy is giving me a good deal - or at least what I consider to be a good deal - on a used one). Ok, I know. I am an idiot...
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    Opinions on Scope Zero Distance

    50 yd or 100yd? Searched, came up with nothing, would like the counsel of wiser minds than mine and any method behind the madness. My thought is to zero my .22 rifle at 50 yards, so as to be able to shoot it zeroed at a local indoor range when I can't make the longer trip to an outdoor...
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    AR trigger problems

    Interesting thing happened to me today that I've never experienced before. I changed out the stock on my AR-15 from an A2 to a Magpul UBR stock, and changed the buffer to a dpms heavy buffer and CS flatwire spring. Until this change I never had any trigger problems. Since the change, I get...