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    AI Rifle Lapel pin

    $15 ea or 2 for $25 shipped All new in bag
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    Disappointed with RCBS, need a new powder measure

    I purchased a new RCBS chargemaster in June of 2011 from Brownells It has seen very little use (~ 500 rounds) due to a variety of reasons When not in use it is stored in a cabinet, protected from elements I took it out last night and the scale isnt working correctly When it is turned on...
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    Help identify a mag please

    I came across this mag while cleaning out the gun safe Its a 10 round 308 mag and I believe it was from/for my AICS equipped rifle However, it has no manufacture markings that I see Any help on brand is appreciated
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    Does this look correct? (Giraud Annealer)

    This is the smallest flame I can get out of the annealer. Any smaller and it sputters and goes out. I get the flame going, turn the valve all the way off and then just barely crack it open Just seems bigger than what I have seen in the youtube videos
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    Anyone loading 300 Norma or 338 Norma on a Dillon 550

    What shell plate are you using for the 300 or 338 Norma on a Dillon? When I called Dillon they had no idea and suggested a "G" plate, but its too small
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    For those of you looking for 208g AMAX

    Midway shows them in stock with a 10 box limit Hornady A-Max Bullets 30 Cal (308 Diameter) 208 Grain Boat Tail Box of
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    Bases for a Kimber 82G

    Just picked up a new Kimber 82G and would like to put a scope on it Whats the best base available (I understand there are few options) Thanks
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    Anyone havea cartridge diagram for the 300 Norma

    I am tring to get a custom trim/size die for my Dillon trimmer and need a cartridge drawing for the 300 norma mag Thanks
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    Redding T-7 or Forster Co-Ax

    Ive always reloaded my ammo on a Dillon 550 and have had acceptable success to this point I want to "step it up" a little and see if I can improve my consistency some more and have decided to add a single stage press to the mix I have narrowed it down to the Co-Ax or the T-7 Looking for some...
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    Rifle Scopes screws for BO rings

    I have searched without success, though I admit my search skills are not best I stripped a torx screw in my badger ordnance rings and need to replace it Can someone please tell me the correct screw to use Thanks in advance Chris
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    Who hydro dips for GAP?

    Saw a rifle that supposedly came from GAP hydrodipped Looked very nice, wanted to look into it some more Thanks
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    Removing Moly

    I just completed a deal with a fellow who was kind enough to throw in an additional 200 bullets that were moly coated. I do not want to shoot moly in my gun and would like ot remove it from the bullets Is there any reason not to throw these into my ss media and run them for a couple of hours...
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    Any negatives to a phosphate finish

    I really like the look and feel of a phosphate finish on a gun Is there any drawback to a phosphate finish on a long gun?
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    Any reason not to go with a 300 Norma

    I am waiting on parts (Badger Action mostly) to have a long range rifle built for me by Robert Snyder rwsnydergunsmithing Originally, I had intended to go with a 338LM built around the new CIP length AICS stock. Although limited, I really like everything that I have read so far on the 300N and...
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    308 with RL 7 for short(er) barrel

    RUnning numbers through quick load, looks like I could get 100% burn rate and get similar numbers to varget with less powder and no compression I don't want to compress Shooting out of a 20" barrel Any thoughts? -06.8 81 34.00 2442 2052 46010 6996 100.0 1.131 -06.2 82...
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    What are these screws for?

    What are the brass screws on the side of the receiver for?
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    What are the pros and cons of 300RUM

    I have a trade offer that would bring a 300RUM rifle to me. I really like the configuration of the rifle. I am relatively unfamiliar with the 300RUM chambering though. I understand the average barrel life is in the range of 4000-4500 rounds. Other than that I am on a learning quest.
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    Any experience HS Precision take down rifles

    Looking for feedback on HS Precision takedown tactical rifles
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    TRG 22 barrel question

    Is it reasonably possible to chop the barrel down and rethread it without issue(s)?
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    I have a buddy who has an interesting quandry with his duty rifle and I am trying to help him figure out the problem. ETA: This is his assigned rifle for the Tac Team where he serves as one of two snipers. Rifle is a stock 700P .308 Unknown round count, he is the 3rd officer it has been issued...