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    Hunting & Fishing Shorting Pork Bellies

    Feel free to post along any others you kill. He hammered these 5, really 6, on the run the other night. Outrunning a x400 is almost impossible...
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    Hunting & Fishing Range Yotes

    The latest efforts to re-take my shooting range from the yotes. Both were shot from my usual firing line on my range at home. This one was 300yds with a 130 JLK. This one was trotting at 300 wound up with his foot in his mouth.
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    Help Identifing Rifle

    A good friend of mine sent me these pics and asked what I thought it was. I have no idea. He said there was no markings other than the serial # Let me know what you think this is. Thanks
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    Testing New Gear to 1k

    NHD and I did a little shooting the other afternoon. I was testing my new Versa Pod and 5x25 S&B out to 1000yds. The Versa Pod was a little tight. I had to hammer it into the stock, but it seems to be very secure now... Look closely you can see the 1k plates on the far hill. Rifles...
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    Moving Targets

    I am going to make a moving target of some kind. I was thinking about using a garage door opener. What is commonly used to do this? Those of you who have movers would you post pictures of yours? Thanks for the help.
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    Hunting & Fishing JLK vs Pork'n Swine

    Has anyone else shot anything with a JLK? I shot this one this afternoon at 500yds with a [email protected] fps out of an 6.5x47L. It looks to me like the bullet flipped over and exited sideways. I've never seen an exit wound like this before. I don't think it expanded at all.
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    Attempted Robbery/Murder

    As some of you know I own a training company. We do seminar style training. We hired a new instructor for our San Antonio course last week. So shortly after the class let out for the day he goes to the gas station and is filling up when he notices a man approaching him from his 5oclock. He...
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    Back from Wnroscoe/ pic heavy

    Just wanted to share some of Williams work. I bought every single part to this rifle on the Hide,took me 1 year to get it to this, thanks guys. Leaving tonight for South Texas for one last hunt, will report back. 6.5x47 Lapua Bartlien Heavy Palma 8.5 28in. Truing and GunKote by wnroscoe. Badger...
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    Hunting & Fishing First Buck/105 amax

    My girl friend shot her first buck this morning, she is very excited. Shot was prone behind a hay bale, 215yds,.243 105 amax @ 2990ish fps. Direct shoulder shot, no exit but the shoulder is mush I can feel broken bones. He made it about 20yds, and fell over dead. I'm about to go clean him so...
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    Range Report JBM/ .243/ Amax

    I run a 105 amax with 41.5 of H4350 26in bbl. Last time chrono was averaging around 2990-3000ish fps, it was still in the 90's out. This afternoon I range a doe 432yds,very slight down hill. My cold bore shot seems to be a little high more times than not, so I dial up 6moa thinking this should...
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    7 SAUM

    Will the 7 SAUM run the 180vld's in a S/A out of AICS mags? 2850fps in a 26in? if not whats the guess on 168 vld speeds at mag length? Thanks, Kyle
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    Helical Fluted Barrels?

    I'm almost due for a barrel, and I want a PGW styled barrel. This is apparently not doable?, without buying a PGW or a E.R. Shaw barrel. PGW uses Krieger barrels the best I can tell, if they can helical flute them ,why can't anyone else? Thanks for the feedback, Kyle
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    Suppressors Uberti/Cimmeron Hammer change

    My better half is now shooting pistols of of our horses and is after me to get her a lower"spur" hammer for her Uberti .45LC. Everything I can find is about Ruger Blackhawks. So when in doubt ask the Hide. Is there a lowrise hammer I can drop in with or without the grips? Thanks, Kyle
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    Rifle Scopes 20MOA rail for Steyr SBS96?

    I need some help locating a rail made for this Steyr, I haven't seen any made for this rifle. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Kyle
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    Hunting & Fishing Colorado Mule Deer Hunt

    I'm thinking about going on a Colorado "drop camp" mule deer hunt this year. Has anyone had experience with any particular outfitter? I've never hunted in the mountains. Any advice would appreciated,Thanks
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    .280rem bullet?

    22in 10 twist .280rem. I'm looking for a high BC bullet/load for deer inside 600, steel & pigs to 1k. Dont know what to expect from this rifle. The twist is to slow for anything real good. No barnes please.(hell on steel) Thanks, Kyle
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    BR-2 Primers to soft?

    I started shooting BR-2 primers on a mild load for .243 the same load I've been shooting for 500 rounds now, just changed to br-2 from 200's and I have these crater/splash marks from the firing pin hitting the primer. I think these primers are softer than the cci 200 I was using. Does anyone...
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    Max Length Brass

    This morning I shoot a ten shot group at 100yds, for some unknown reason and end up with two groups. One center target and one 8in low and 6in left! So I puzzeled thinking "first time with this Triad rear bag, mabe I'm releasing the bag or some NPA issue". When I'm done(50rounds) and real...
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    Sizing Die?

    I'm getting new dies(been borrowing).It looks like I'm going to go with a Wilson micrometer seating die,what do you like for resizing dies? I didn't see a set for this seating die. Thanks for your time
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    Seating Question

    I'm trying to work on a Berger 95gr.vld in .243. I'm loading 41.5gr.IMR 4350. I've also seated this batch .005 into the lands and some on the lands. The manual I have shows this is max load.I've never had to seat into the lands before. Is it still safe seated this way at? Thanks for your help,