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    Gunsmithing Flash suppressor question

    2 questions regarding Flash suppressors. I am in the process of building up 2 rifles from left over parts, using Mauser actions, for use in so called "survival situations". One in 30-06 and one in 308 Win. Rifles will have 24" barrels, parked finishes, bedded in laminated stocks, with turned...
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    S&K scope mount for M1A

    Does anyone have any experience with S&K scope mounts for M1A/M14 style rifles? I have two that I have had for ages but never used. I am trying to decide if they are worth using before I invest time and ammo sighting in 2 new scopes I have coming.
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    Gunsmithing Installing a tactical bolt knob on a Mauser

    I have had a target/sniper style rifle built on a Yugo Mauser action with a Parker Hale target barrel for some time. The bolt handle was forged, and was about 2.5" long. Which I felt was a bit short. So, I decide to lengthen it and install a tactical style knob. I checked with a gunsmith who...
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    2 Garands restored

    While this isn't normal guns for here, I thought you might like to see a couple of nice restore Garands. I have spent the past two weeks working on a Basket case Garand that I got from a guy on another forum. I knew when I got it from him it would require some work. But, it took a bit more than...
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    Subsonic vs Standard velocity question

    Is there any real(noticable) difference between the two in terms of muzzle velocity? Or are they the same thing, just called different names by different Manufacturors? I was reading a post on another forum where the OP asked about getting Subsonic and was told by several posters to just use...
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    Boyds Tactical Stock for the Savage 93 E

    Boyds has some unfinished tactial style stocks in Natural Laminate listed for the Savage 93 E receiver(will also fit the none E with a little work). These are factory seconds, but probably fixable. Price is $50.