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  1. kyshootnman

    Broke Trigger Shoe...

    So I took my barreled out of my stock to do some work on the stock, and realized later on that somehow the trigger shoe had broken during the process. It's just an x mark pro, but I actually liked the feel of it. Are there any options for a replacement shoe other than going with the Jard kit or...
  2. kyshootnman

    New Paint - LR308 - Multicam

    I got a local buddy of mine to spray a multicam pattern on my LR308 with the multicolor duracoat paint set. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. His airbrush work has been displayed in a couple custom motorcycle magazines. I had him add a metal mulisha skull on the cheek riser on the stock...
  3. kyshootnman

    LR-308B Hanguard

    After doing some research, I have found that DPMS has made their uppers in three different heights. The 308B model has the highest of the uppers, and I'm having a really hard time finding a forearm that will make the top rail monolithic. Handguards such as the Troy Battle comes in LP and HP...
  4. kyshootnman

    Midway Federal Gold Medal Target 22lr In Stock

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Midway has it in stock for $37.99 plus shipping. It's kinda high with shipping, but for those of you who need some, they have it.
  5. kyshootnman

    Steel .22 Targets/Moving Target/Barricade (Pic Heavy)

    I've made a lot of different things just messing around with guns. Here are some different types of .22 targets, a mobile barricade, and a mover that has a 50% silhouette AR500 target. The mover is on a steel cable that tracks about 20 yards. The release mechanism is a few parts welded...
  6. kyshootnman

    Anyone Made A Moving Target?

    I've been thinking about making a moving target system for the rimfires. I thought about using a small electric motor with a controller on it to control the speed and be able to reverse the direction. The design I have in mind will have a small cable that runs around the pulley and the target...
  7. kyshootnman

    The Polished Turd

    I realize HS Precision stocks aren't top of the line, but here is my attempt of making one more comfortable for me. Being a college student my budget is limited, so I have to make due until later on. The rifle is a Remington trued action, Krieger 1 in 8", BGW brake. Has anyone else made an...
  8. kyshootnman

    Case Failure (Pic)

    So I had asked a while back about a ring I was seeing around my 260 cases. I tossed the lot of brass that was showing incipient separation and had one from another lot rupture. It's a very odd looking failure that I've never seen anywhere before. The brass was on its 4th firing, 140 amax with...
  9. kyshootnman

    260 Headspace

    Since RCBS does not make a precision mic for 260, it got me wondering. Is the reason because the headspace of the .308 family of cases are identical? I realize there will be some variance, but looking at the dimensions, there isn't much. If I took an initial reading on new unfired brass, then...
  10. kyshootnman

    123 amax vs. 140 amax in 260?

    I ran some ballistics in shooter, and it appears that I can get to 1000 with the 123 ~1.5 mil less than the 140. I have been running the 140 for about a year with good results, but this has made me want to try the 123's. Other than a little more drift, and a slightly lower BC, what are the...
  11. kyshootnman

    Potential Head Separation?

    I have been loading for around 5 years, and this is the first time I've saw signs such as this on brass. I have had necks split in the past, but never saw this ring. The case grew about 0.005" below this ring and when I cut the case open, it does have an indention. My question is, does this...
  12. kyshootnman

    208 Amax to 1850

    What kind of velocities are you guys getting with 208 amax, and having good results at 1500+?
  13. kyshootnman

    New Member's Rig (pic)

    I have came by here frequently for the last few years to gain knowledge in the shooting world. I have been shooting rifles and such since a young age, but just in the past few years, have gotten more serious with my hobby. I'm sure I don't have much to contribute to the wealth of knowledge...