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    GPS Sniper School

    Re: GPS Sniper School Hey thanks for being cool about pointing me to the direction of the search engine. I did do a search for GPS before I started this and nothing came up. I guess I need to put more info in the search engine next time. thanks
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    Hunting & Fishing My woman got her first Thunder Chicken.

    Re: My woman got her first Thunder Chicken. Nice bird. Congratulations.
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    Hunting & Fishing helluva crappie

    Re: helluva crappie My son caught one very similar in size and received a personalized certificate from the TWRA. He is only 9 and was on a scout campout so he was stoked. Check the Alabama Wildlife Resources Agency and see if she qualifies for anything. The certificate is awesome. Nice fish.
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    GPS Sniper School

    Anyone familiar with this school? It looks pretty amazing.
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    1602 yard shot on youtube

    Re: 1602 yard shot on youtube Nice video. I wonder what scope they were using.