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  1. GSIceland

    Tubb T7T Trigger

    I have one on my 338 LM in an XLR chassis. Had to remove a little material in the trigger well but other than that I like it a lot
  2. GSIceland

    Rangefinding Binos help

    Check these out. Met a guy a week ago that owns one of these and he said they are the best he's owned. He has used and owned a lot of different gear.
  3. GSIceland

    Who's your Daddy? LRA bipod and Elite Iron Revolution direct comparison

    If you decide to sell the LRA bipod and are willing to ship to Iceland (it's legal btw) I'll buy it from you NOW
  4. GSIceland

    Rifle Scopes What does a hard run optic look like?

    Thank you for your great answer - very informative.
  5. GSIceland

    Rifle Scopes What does a hard run optic look like?

    Funny how this thread changed when people realised your rifle got banged up in Afganistan. But I have a question for Victory, and probably other members can answer this also. And remember I'm from Iceland - no military - no war. Why are you using your own rifle when serving your country? Seen...
  6. GSIceland

    300 NORMA MAG ?

    Ok - thats great. I prefere Redding
  7. GSIceland

    300 NORMA MAG ?

    I know this has been asked before in this thread, and answered, but not to my satisfaction :) What dies are you guys using. The only die maker that I can find that actually lists 300 Norma dies on their website is Forster - and that is only a seater and Full - no neck die. And there is no...
  8. GSIceland

    How old when you first broke 1000 yds?

    I was 40 - my daughter 14! She has now shot 5 times at 1000 m - all hits!
  9. GSIceland

    New BIG BOY Atlas Bipod at shot show 50BMG 375CT 408CT

    If you ship to Iceland - I'm in on the group buy
  10. GSIceland

    Rifle Scopes Scope & Ring Selection, Sako 85 .308

    Just keep it simple and go with the Sako Optilock system - a great product. I have it on my Sako 85, holding a S&B Classic 3-12x50. A great hunting rifle.
  11. GSIceland

    muzzle brakes clamp on

    Replied to a similar tread a few days ago. I actually had a Roedale brake on my Tikka Varmint in 260 Rem. I liked it a lot and it never got loose. But I sold it when I got my supressor. The brake is of high quality, but I had to wait for awhile for it to arrive.
  12. GSIceland

    Clamp On Muzzle Breaks. Anybody running them???

    I bought this from Roedale precision - Roedale Precision - English Craftsmanship Made in Germany. But I would use the search feature here on the Hide before ordering. Mixed results. I had to wait 3-4 months for my brake. Excelent workmanship and a great break - but the wait was long. I think...
  13. GSIceland

    Clamp On Muzzle Breaks. Anybody running them???

    I did use a Roedale brake on my Tikka. It worked great - but I ended changing it out for a supressor.
  14. GSIceland

    MAGNUM RIFLE GONG by Caldwell

    Just bought 40 cm AR500 steel and my brother build the stand - works fine, no tools needed to set up
  15. GSIceland

    Looking for a shooting mat

    Looked at the Crosstac site and video after reading this post. Looks great. Plan on buying one when I visit the US this spring.
  16. GSIceland

    Looking for a shooting mat

    Just to add another option AIM Range Mat And a review SharpshootingUK - the AIM range mat - YouTube
  17. GSIceland

    Rifle Scopes New Vortex Razor Gen II Rifle Scopes (Images, Spec, Etc)

    Look very promising to say the least. What color are those scopes finished in?
  18. GSIceland

    500-600-700-800-1000 yards

    Very nice video
  19. GSIceland

    My Tikka Project Is Done (after nearly 18 months)!

    That is one beautiful rifle And if you want a CDI bottom metal contact The Tikka Performance Center - got mine from them - great service.
  20. GSIceland

    What are you using for targets?

    No problem. My plate is 45 cm in diameter.