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  1. GySgt New River

    CQB Match advice

    A range near me is hosting a pistol/rifle CQB match this weekend. My question is what option should I go with? #1 Run my AR sbr (5" barrel) in 9mm with 115gr rounds plus silencer or without? or... #2 Saiga 7.62x39 sbr (8" barrel) with Wolf black box? Pistol I will be using is a Glock 19...
  2. GySgt New River

    Range HIGH Shooter!

    During the past 2 weeks I was on grass week and then firing week at Stone Bay Marine Corps Rifle Range. My scores from ALPHA RANGE are below in case anyone cares. I was firing a M16A2 Service Rifle, True Zero was 11 clicks down on the front sight post and center on the rear sight windage at 200...