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    Accessories WTB: A5 buffer system for AR15

    Would like the H2 buffer if possible.
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    Accessories Geissele SD-3G for sale! $180 shipped!

    Lightly used and still worked great! $180 shipped!
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    Accessories WTS: Parts Clean Out

    Hey man. I’m interested in your upper and barrel. The pics however didn’t come thru. The barrel you have, is that a carbine length barrel? Can you send me pics of both?
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    CMMG 22LR conversion kit for AR15

    Awesome info! Thanks guys!
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    CMMG 22LR conversion kit for AR15

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I’m wanting to throw this on a dedicated 22LR set up and just swap lowers. I am wanting to suppress this also but want feedback before I buy.
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    SOLD SOLD!!! 🔥 WTS FN Scar 20s 7.62 w/ NF NX8 4-32 Mil-XT

    I have looked at this gun 20+ times. Such a sexy gun and I wish I could swing the price!
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    Firearms WTB: stripped 308 DPMS lower

    Title says it all
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: medium flat rate box 9mm brass CLEAN! $110 shipped

    Dry tumbled and ready to reload! This is all range pick up brass. $110 shipped to you OBO