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    Rifle Scopes Tracking issues with my Vortex Razor 1-6

    I haven't had a chance to shoot the ladder after the remount, but I did want to clarify one thing. I did not shoot everyime I dialed between my 100 yard zero and my 15 yard zero, I simply dialed up to 100 and down to 15 10 times and then reshot. So im not sure that the issue with the mount would...
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    Rifle Scopes Tracking issues with my Vortex Razor 1-6

    Thanks for the replys, I remounted the scope. I had tightened the upper and lower bolts evenly, so that may have had something to do with the trouble. I will shoot a ladder in the morning. I know that a MOA is actually a little longer than an inch at 100 yards but is it enough to throw off the...
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    Rifle Scopes Tracking issues with my Vortex Razor 1-6

    So I'm a big fan of this scope and am very pleased with its overall value. I happen to find out today however that it does not track.... At least not well. I watched a 3 gun tip about having a short yardage zero to keep from having to hold high(just one less thing to remember)on short range...
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex Gen II 4.5-27 This is it. This is the one!

    Ordered mine march 3rd, haven't seen it yet...
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    A freind asked me if I knew these two Gunsmiths I dont so posting his question here.

    Alpine uses S&S. Who I'm sure most of you know. I would put one of Stick's builds up against any of them.
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    Quick question about loading 223 on a progressive.

    I have, until now, loaded all my rifle loads on single stage presses. I recently set up my Hornady ammo plant and have loaded 2000 rounds of 45ACP without much problem. I wanted to start loading 223 on it and have not been able to figure out one part. Does hornady(or someone else) make a set of...
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    Looking for a left handed action..

    Just thought I would check to see if anyone knew where a left handed preditator or tac 30 action could be found. I have looked everywhere I know to look.
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    Rifle Scopes 20 MOA base for a browning BAR rifle?

    Hey guys, im trying to help a friend out with his BAR. I know it is not the best platform for long range but it is what we to work with. He has a Vortex PST but he had to use almost all his adjustment just to get his zero(not sure he has the right bases on it). So I would like a 20 MOA base...
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    Some fun for you DFW guys...Alpine Shooting Range

    I was out at Alpine Shooting Range in south Ft Worth(under new ownership)and they are trying to do some fun things for their customers. They have a couple of "challenges" in both rifle and pistol shooting. The rifle game cost you $1 per chance. You have to put 3 rounds in a 1 inch circle at 100...
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    Gunsmithing Surface least I hope it's just surface

    Re: Surface least I hope it's just surface Thanks for the replys. When you say Oil are we talking something like rem oil or something different. What will rubbing a nickle on the bad parts do?
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    Gunsmithing Surface least I hope it's just surface

    I put my 1187 away after the last day I got to do any dove hunting last year. I thought everything was oiled and ready for storage...guess not. What would you guys suggest. It does not affect function but.....
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    head space question

    Re: head space question My instructions were missing. And I'm using a co-ax press so no trouble removing cases. Thanks for the instructions on how to make the adjustments.
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    head space question

    I have just recently started reloading for a new 6.5x47. This rifle was built by a local builder and this thing will shoot no matter what you feed it. I do however have a question about headspace. I noticed that when I set my FL die to bump the shoulder back .002, it will not knock the primer...
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    .308 2.005" to 2.015". Different length & velocity

    Re: .308 2.005" to 2.015". Different length & velocity I have thought about this myself but have never been able to prove anything either way. My personal theory is that the neck gets blown open in a millisecond so a .00whatever doesnt matter...
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    i need some help with a pressure problem...

    Hello all... I am shooting a 6.5x47 and am having some pressure problems. I am using Lapua brass H4350(and a test string of 2000 MR) Federal match small rifle primers 140g A-Max's I have loaded all the way down to 36 grains of bot 4350 and 2000 MR shot it over the CE M2 and...
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    2000 MR and 6.5x47

    I would like to try this combination but have no idea on where to start. How would you go about finding a safe start point. 6.5x47 140g amax federal match small rifle primer seated .010 off the lands
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    Thinking about Hornady LnL Progressive, precision?

    Re: Thinking about Hornady LnL Progressive, precision? its a little pricy but the Hornady Ammo plant seems pretty sweet, as im sure you would end up with all the goodies eventually any way.....
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    what is the most likely reason explination?

    So I have started load development for my 6.5x47. Im using lapua brass, 140g AMax, federal match small rifle primers. The 7,8, and 9th shots from the rifle measured .202 so the accuracy looks great. My question is that Im getting pressure signs very early. like 38.6g of 4350. Now most people are...
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    .260 accuracy beyond 1k

    Re: .260 accuracy beyond 1k Luv, I have a 6.5x47 and a 300WM. If I were going to hunt something bigger than a whitetail and I thought I would have a shot over 500 I would carry the 300. Anything less and I would take the 6.5. If i had to pick one it would be the 300. I love the 6.5 but there...
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    .260 in aics mag. can you reach the rifling?

    Re: .260 in aics mag. can you reach the rifling? I have a 6.5x47 and I not sure how close the cases are(but im posting this because they are always compared so I figured they have to be in the same ball park) I am .005 in the lands and I have plenty of room in the aics mag. Not even...