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    Word Association Game

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    Pretty sure none of the States with the highest abortion rates are gonna make it illegal. So by far and away, the vast majority of abortions will continue unabated.
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    Painting carbon fiber barrel?

    Proof Sendero Lite ... my partner said the shine stood out several yards away So... apply Krylon and/or Aervo Works for me Three years later, no apparent harm to the CF, just the usual chipping and scratching of the paint, which is nothing, if you find it off-putting, just touch it up. Do it.
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    1000 Yards

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    People at gas stations, really?

    When there's no gas to pump, this whole thread will be moot. Soon.
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    I tried the 151 Cayuga in 7mm-08 with RL-16. Worked up to 46.0 gr. with mild flattening of (BR-2) primer. At that point the case is pretty full... and I think I ran into the (known) problem of Forster seating die, as discussed in this thread specifically I wonder if, when seating the Cayuga...
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    Caliber of the month club...

    I read this thread on the toilet just now, and it helped. Or maybe it was the coffee. Anyway, thanks.
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    SOLD WTB 7-08 Brass

    [EDIT never mind I missed the "anothing but Lapua" bit.]
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    Word Association Game

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    WTF Avg. American has $75k in savings...

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Average American™ has $70,000 in credit card debt.
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    Blues music

    Jeep's Blues, Duke Ellington Orchestra, live at Newport 1956, Johnny Hodges on sax : Fans of the late, great WNOP Jazz Ark, 1962 - 2000, RIP, may shed one tear.
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    Two Word Association

    Dung beetle!
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    Two Word Association

    Honey pot
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    I meant he beat me to posting about the 230 OTMs -- I edited my redundant/duplicate post.
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    Dogtown beat me to it! Get some!
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    Word Association Game