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  1. SuckitTrebek

    High fives for a good guilty verdict Totally support the verdict. We all bantered about this one a while back. Surprised it was only 20. The video was very clear cut evidence he had no reason to apply deadly force.
  2. SuckitTrebek

    Magpul mags for CZ scorpion

    Anyone have any idea when these damn things are hitting the market?
  3. SuckitTrebek

    need ammo for precision course

    probably want to buy at least 500 rounds of match .308. where would you get it
  4. SuckitTrebek

    cerakote shop??

    Alright, didn't know where best to post this one. Buddy just got one of those new daniel defense bolt guns and is looking to cerakote. So to beat this probably near dead horse I couldn't find on the search where's a couple good shops? someplace you all have used and does good work...
  5. SuckitTrebek

    PWS opinion so I'm thinking about getting this. would be shooting almost exclusively suppressed. BUT Not a fan of AR style rifles without a forward assist. What can I say, I have found it necessary on many occasions. Is that retarded of me or makes...
  6. SuckitTrebek

    looking for a particular jacket

    Figured why not ask about this here. Everyone's got an opinion. I'm looking for a windproof, waterproof, breathable jacket that doesn't cost $800 to wear for work (blue collar) looked at filson, patagonia. I have an arcteryx that sucks and is going back.
  7. SuckitTrebek

    looking for christmas 7.62 idea

    Can ya'll help me out with a short list of top gas piston .308 semi autos. what are considered the best. and no m1a's
  8. SuckitTrebek

    HK 5.56 M4 magazines

    Have as many as you want. $35 each you pay shipping. Brand new, never used.
  9. SuckitTrebek

    Weed for ptsd. Thoughts?

    Just thought I'd write on this one. Hadn't seen it discussed on the site before. What are your thoughts on legal weed? Weed for medicinal purposes? including ptsd. In my opinion weed needs to be 100% legalized everywhere and treated no different than alcohol or tobacco. 18 & up. 0 amount of...
  10. SuckitTrebek

    lmt vs daniel defense question

    doing an upgrade. the prices seem somewhat comparable and the lmt mws I dig daniel defense. Anyone have one?
  11. SuckitTrebek

    Ultralight khaki cargo pants suggestion

    so right now I wear 5.11 light cargo pants, don't remember the exact model, but they are pretty light. Anyone have any other good suggestions. color has to be khaki and I like cargo pockets.
  12. SuckitTrebek

    Rifle Scopes screw question seekins remington 700 scope base

    where does the smallest screw go for the remington 700 scope base? two longest in the rear
  13. SuckitTrebek

    Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench question

    My question is specifically if the bits that come in sets for screwdrivers. you know the quick change, tiny bits. fit this torque wrench.
  14. SuckitTrebek

    Remington 700 trigger replacement

    I know, I know. old topic So I'm putting together a remington 700 for a buddy. The big question is what trigger to put in there. If anyone has any outstanding suggestions, or knows of a great trigger on sale. Please let me know. My suggestion was a jewell.
  15. SuckitTrebek

    Sidearms & Scatterguns looking for vp9 mags

    Looking for more mags for my new VP9. Anyone got a lead on where the best price is?
  16. SuckitTrebek

    ruger mark 3 frame options

    I'm looking for a few nice light ruger mark 3 replacement options. already did a build but used the same frame. looking for a different frame so I'll have two guns
  17. SuckitTrebek

    Rifle Scopes Looking for an alternate to a nightforce

    Looking for some other first focal plane suggestions in the 5-25 range other than nightforce that would be comparable to their scopes in quality and price. Zero interest in us optics, don't suggest them please.
  18. SuckitTrebek

    Tough Mudder and Spartan Race thread

    Went to the Central Texas Tough Mudder this past weekend. Was my first one and had some fun. I was a bit surprised at how many out of shape people were there actually. But since there is no time limit you can take all day. In truth, it wasn't all that "tough". But, if you want it to be harder...
  19. SuckitTrebek

    Covert video glasses

    Has anyone seen these? I got to play with them this week. The video quality day and night is very nice. Great for shooters point of view. i-KAM XTREME® Video Eyewear | Hunter's Specialties I'm wondering if anyone knows of more high quality covert video camera sunglasses like this.
  20. SuckitTrebek

    Are these in stock anywhere right now?

    Ruger Magazine Ruger 10/22 22 Long Rifle 10-Round Polymer clear