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  1. bluto77

    Where to get bolt and/or entire action DLC done?

    Thinking about getting a bolt DLC coated and/or possibly the entire action done. Guys that have had this done, who did you use? What is your opinion on the results? How long did it take?
  2. bluto77

    Help me transform my LRI Mausingfield from a PRS into Hunting rifle w/o losing my shirt

    Chad built me a bad-ass PRS rifle on a Mausingfield, in a Manners T5A Carbon Elite blank that has the LRI custom inletting job with all bells and whistles. I have more invested in this stock than you have in your kid's college fund. The barrel is from Chad's guy and it uses Chad's preferred...
  3. bluto77

    Weigh in on my future build

    It's been a few yeas since I've had a rifle built. I've gotten back on the 'Hide recently, and started learning how much I don't know. After spending way too much time here over the last couple weeks, I've decided on a direction my new build will go in. I'm posting it here so guys can weigh...
  4. bluto77

    Manners EH1/1A vs PRS1/2 vs T6A

    What are the inherent differences between the Manners - EH1A - PRS1/2 - T6A Are they all the same stock except for weight and maximum width of barrel channel? I know there's a difference in the PRS1 and PRS2 on the bottom with one made for riding a bag and the other has a hook for...
  5. bluto77

    Rifle Scopes How do I get brass marks off windage turret?

    Looks like the windage turret caught a few pieces of brass being ejected. Is there a way I can get this off? All smart-ass, condescending, and even helpful replies welcome.
  6. bluto77

    F T/R Competition Build my F-T/R rifle & Loading System

    I'm getting into F-T/R, and I want to get a dedicated rifle built. I've had other customs built before, but never a dedicated F-Class rifle. I've been asking around and talking to some of the shooters at the matches on Sundays for their input. I understand that weight is a big factor in...
  7. bluto77

    Giessele High Speed Nat Match in GAP-10

    I bought a GAP-10 in 6mm Creedmoor from a guy here on snipershide. He just got it re-barreled, new JP LMOS BCG and JP Silent Capture Spring. Should shoot like a bolt rifle! It still has the GAP trigger in it, but I'm a bit of a Giessele snob. I'm considering the High Speed National Match. I...
  8. bluto77

    308 LR PMAG Mag Length?

    I'm being lazy. Only did 2 searches and couldn't find what I was looking for. What is mag length on the 308 LR PMAG?
  9. bluto77

    What would you do?

    I'm looking for some feedback here. I know where I mis-stepped, and now I'm trying to resolve this matter as quickly and fairly as possible without screwing myself out of a scope. Scenario: - A new user "date joined Mar 2014" PM's me asking about a scope I had for sale that was already...
  10. bluto77

    Mag options for 300 WSM in Stiller Tac 30

    I have a 300 WSM built on a Stiller TAC 30 (not AW version) in a Manners MCS T-5 (not mini-chassis version). The barreled action is pillar bedded in the Manners. I've been shooting the 178 AMAX's and starting to shoot the 208 AMAX's. I have a 10 rd Alpha mag. Feeding on the 178's was hit...
  11. bluto77

    Which mount for your US Optics SR-8?

    Which mount do you use for your US Optics SR-8, and what type of rifle is it on? With damn near 2/3'rds or more of the scope located in the rear section, you definitely need something that leans forward. I'm putting mine on a 300 Blackout AR that will be used for hog hunting in the brush, so...
  12. bluto77

    Rifle Scopes 100 MOA/29.1 Mils of elevation travel with 20.6MOA/6 Mil cant/tilt

    Scope has 29.1 Mils of total elevation adjustment available, then the mechanical center of the elevation range will be at 14.55 Mils. Assume when zeroing the scope at 100 yards, you're dead on at the mechanical center of the elevation range. When using a scope mount that has 0 tilt/cant built...
  13. bluto77

    Rifle Scopes 300 BLK Scope + Mini Holographic recs for a self-proclaimed "Magnification Whore"

    Edit: I'm simplifying this in an effort to get more responses. I have a 300 Blackout that will be used mainly for hog hunting and some whitetail hunting. I realize nobody really needs anything more than a 4 power scope for this cartridge, but I am a magnification whore and want more...
  14. bluto77

    Load development advice for my .308 - What's the next step?

    Thank you in advance to anyone that reads through all of my post and provides insight and advice. I do appreciate it and place a high value on the knowledge I gain from this website. I am new to reloading and relatively new to long range shooting, and this is the first load development I...
  15. bluto77

    Major differences between 300 Win Mag and 300 WSM?

    I tried searching this, but I couldn't find anything/and or figure out how to get very many results with "300 Win Mag 300 WSM". If there are already threads on this, please point me in that direction. If not, then I'm curious as to what are the differences in the two besides the obvious...
  16. bluto77

    Tell me about SHOT Show

    I had this posted in the general discussion board, but only had one view in the first hour...which was me. Seems like this would be a better place for it. Please let me know if it is not appropriate for this board. I've recently become the 50% owner of a small gun store in Houston, and...
  17. bluto77

    Starting seating depth for 308

    I posted this on the reloading board, but not as many people view that as this board, and I'm trying to get these loaded tonight. I loaded about 10 rounds last month for my 308, but they were 168's, and my rifle seems to really like 175's. The 10 rounds last month were my first 10 to ever...
  18. bluto77

    First 308 loads - new reloader

    I loaded about 10 rounds last month for my 308, but they were 168's, and my rifle seems to really like 175's. The 10 rounds last month were my first 10 to ever load as I am new to reloading. I am about to load around 100 rounds with 175 SMK using Varget. Right now I'm trying to determine how...
  19. bluto77

    My first stuck case - need help

    I haven't even finished my first round of loading for my .223, .243, and .308, and I'm experiencing my first stuck case. Please see pic below of the .243 case with decapping rod stuck in the mouth. What do I do from here?
  20. bluto77

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths - What brand caliper do you use?

    I did a search for this in this section and did not find a thread like this. I figured I would ask the guys that use these tools for a living....what brand of calipers do you use? I'm getting into reloading, and one thing I've noticed is how hard it seems to be for me to get a consistent...