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  1. BWYoda

    Firearms **Price Reduced** M1 Garand Service Match Rifle for Sale - Upgraded to New

    Making space for other projects and she has to go. Purchased "new" 3 years ago and less than 50 rounds down the pipe. Details as follows: This is an all Harrington and Richardson Arms Company 1954 M1 Garand service rifle built with HRA parts on a CMP Receiver with a new match barrel...
  2. BWYoda

    Online Reloading data?

    What are the go-to sites people here are using for reloading data? With so many out there it's hard to cherry pick so I wanted to see what fellow members are using. I'm looking to work up some loads for my first 6.5 Creedmoor but need a reliable starting reference. I've found very little for...
  3. BWYoda

    Rifle Scopes A question for all you CQBSS Owners!

    I have a question regarding the lack of parallax adjustment on these. I'm having a hard time understanding why Leupold didn't incorporate this (given the price tag). The scope seems just about perfect in every other way and needless to say I'm on the fence here about whether to drop some cash on...
  4. BWYoda

    Gunsmithing Changes at Midway?

    Am I going crazy here fellas or does Midway USA seem to have cut back dramatically on it's gun parts?
  5. BWYoda

    Suppressors Reliable NFA Trust Attorney recommendations in VA?

    Can anybody recommend a good NFA Gun Trust Attorney that they've used in VA and maybe some idea of the price they charged? Also - how long to set it up? Thanks!
  6. BWYoda

    Suppressors Looking for a TBAC 30P-1

    After much research, I'm about to drop some cash on one of these for my surgeon. As there seem to be no TBAC dealers listed in VA, I wanted to see who may have one in stock and get some pricing here on the hide. Thanks in advance fellas!
  7. BWYoda

    Suppressors Barrel Tensioning Question

    I've been lurking here reading up on suppressors as I prepare for a first purchase. Consensus seems to be a thread-on type for precision applications and this is what I'm looking to go with for my .308 Surgeon. My question is are there any thread-on suppressors which use a barrel tensioning...
  8. BWYoda

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Question

    Does anyone know whether Leupold offers a scope with all of the following features in one? Illuminated TMR, FFP, Mil/Mil. I've seen these options available in different scopes but not all-in-one and their website isn't much help.
  9. BWYoda

    Question for you C&R holders out there

    Just being told that there were pretty good discounts afforded to C&R holders was enough for me to have my application winging it's way out the door a couple of weeks back! Down to the meat of the issue for you guys that already have yours..........what sort of discounts are you getting and on...
  10. BWYoda

    Trimming for gas guns?

    What are some thoughts on reloading once-fired brass without trimming if they're just for AR15 range fodder? I ask because I have a source for once-fired brass and without a giraud can see my evenings disappearing in front of the hand-trimmer I have. I'm sure I'll upset some people by even...
  11. BWYoda

    RCBS competition seater is gouging my bullets!

    Guys, what am I doing wrong? Every time I seat a bullet I get a nice circular gouge around it. Best I can tell it's properly adjusted. Has anyone else had issues with this?
  12. BWYoda

    Recommendations for gas-gun brass

    Newb loader who is trying to source a reasonably priced source for .223 and 7.62 brass to feed an AR and FAL respectively. I came across these guys selling once-fired fully prepped brass: Wondered of anyone had used this...
  13. BWYoda

    RCBS Small base dies

    Do these crimp in addition to seating the bullet or will I need something like the lee factory crimp as well? Thanks!
  14. BWYoda

    Thoughts on the Lyman power trimmer?

    Considering purchasing one of these and wondered if they were worth the money or if not what else might fit the bill. I don't have the cash for a Giraud right now and have heard that the motor on the Gracey isn't the best - as evidenced by Giraud making replacements for them. I'm primarily...
  15. BWYoda

    Reloading mentors in the Fredericksburg VA area?

    Fellas, Just starting out in this and on the verge of purchasing my first setup. I've gleaned a lot from some very knowledgeable posts here but was wondering whether there's anyone in my area who could show me the ropes on their setup first? This wouldn't be a one-way street as I have access to...
  16. BWYoda

    Redding Versa Paks available yet?

    Does anyone happen to know whether these are available yet? I checked Redding's website and they make no mention of them but they were advertised at the 2010 shot show. Looks like good value for those of us putting together our first set-ups. For those interested here's the link...
  17. BWYoda

    Suppressors Suppressor adapter compatibility?

    Hoping someone can help me out here! I'll apologize in advance if this has been beaten to death already. I have a surefire adapter on my rifle but am not hearing good things about the surefire suppressors themselves. Will the adapter accommodate any other brand and if so which would you guys...
  18. BWYoda

    Gunsmithing FAL Headspace question

    I recently had an inch pattern L1A1 assembled by a gunsmith from a British parts kit on an Imbel inch-pattern receiver. I took it to the range for the first time today and was experiencing failures to feed and eject with the correct inch-pattern mags. Exchanging the mags and adjusting the gas...
  19. BWYoda

    Rifle Scopes Help needed zeroing a Premier Reticles 3-15x50

    Fellas, hope someone can give me some pointers here. I took the scope on it's first outing to the range today. Shooting 150 grain FMJBT the point of impact was about 9" high at 100 yds. With the elevation factory set at 0 I only have 5 mils of down travel to lower the POI. Do I have to adjust...
  20. BWYoda

    Giraud for precision?

    So here's the deal guys. Thinking of dropping some coin on a Giraud as there seems to be little question that it's THE trimmer out there, but my question is how does it stack up against the others when trimming for competition loads in terms if fine adjustment of neck length? I've heard from a...