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  1. RobG

    Tikka T3 Picture Thread.

    What sling are you guys running for hunting? I would like something that does not dig into the shoulder and that I can get in to fairly quickly in case I need to sling up for a shot. Thanks
  2. RobG

    Tikka T3 Picture Thread.

    Good info, thanks. Hey Fail Looks pretty darn close to factory. I will probably go this route eventually.
  3. RobG

    Tikka T3 Picture Thread.

    I see most seem to swap out the shroud. Were they breaking or just a good to do since the factory one is plastic? I just picked up two T3 lites, 7mm-08 and 7RM, for hunting purposes. Hey shootin, the BC stocks are pretty darn good for the price. I have run a few of them under 700 actions...
  4. RobG

    Remington 700 pistol

    Probably means did Brownells receive them as rifle ​actions.
  5. RobG

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 9MM Wins - Thanks FBI

    I wouldn't necessarily base an opinion on one case. I transported a guy shot 6 times in the back with a .40 S&W. He lived. I pronounced (dead on arrival) a guy shot once in the chest with a .22 LR from about 30 yds. I am not going to choose a .22 over the .40. Of all the people I have dealt...
  6. RobG

    Question/Law Clarification for California Marksmen

    No problems shipping it back to you. You can even use the postal service if you so desire to ship long guns; no handguns, ammo, primers, powder, however. I have used UPS and USPS and found far less headache using the postal service. Strange but true.
  7. RobG

    For all you without detachable mags

    I think paying $30 for a pouch is way better than paying $200 for a new magwell + the cost for mags. Apples to oranges. One simply carries ammo, the other carries ammo and allows for faster reloading.
  8. RobG

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Loved that movie! Who didn't want a Countach after seeing that:cool:
  9. RobG

    Arm Dope card

    Thank you Sir.
  10. RobG

    Arm Dope card

    In regards to the Sunrise Tactical; do the arm straps dangle when wearing it or do they have some type of retention to prevent this?
  11. RobG

    284 Win case and 300WM AI mags ??

    The 300 wm AI mags work fine for the 284. If you go a 30-06 based case you will need to modify the feed lips by closing the gap slightly.
  12. RobG

    Final .284 thoughts?

    You should be good on a LA seating depth wise. I removed my die's expander ball and use a separate Sinclair expander die. Not to size up but to achieve more consistent neck tension. I have read that using the standard die to size up is not the right way to do it; using an expander die is.
  13. RobG

    Final .284 thoughts?

    280 brass does seem to be easier to find. I am considering it when I re-barrel purely because of the brass issue. Some have no problems with donuts. They simply run a mandrel through the 6.5 brass to open it up. I cannot find the particular thread but, donuts seem to become an issue when seating...
  14. RobG

    Final .284 thoughts?

    I wouldn't call acquiring WW 284 brass a hassle. More like impossible. Three inquiries to WW lead me to believe they may never make it again. At a minimum, it is certainly on a wayyyy back burner until caught up on more popular product. My brass has about had it so I will be forced to try some...
  15. RobG

    Final .284 thoughts?

    Since the barrel is already cut there isn't much you can do. I found H4350 to work better for me than SC. You may give it a try with a 162 and see how it does. I run it with a 175 at around 2780 and a 26" Oby.
  16. RobG

    Vortex Viper spotting scope?

    I am happy with mine. Glass is pretty good but does dim a bit at full power (45X, 65mm). I could easily see .17 cal holes at 250 yds. Little heavy for backpack hunting. Mine does not have the CA Bigwheels saw in his.
  17. RobG

    XLR Chassis Stock

    Same here.
  18. RobG

    XLR Chassis Stock

    Kyle will do it for free. I simply trimmed mine with a Dremel.
  19. RobG

    Giving Snipers a Bad Reputation

    Remember guys, this happened in Commiefornia. Putting the "sniper" spin on the incident gives the politicians more ideas and ammo (pun intended) to get anti-gun legislation passed.