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    Seekins WSM DBM question

    Hi everyone, quick questions. I am under the impression that the seekings wsm bottom metal will work on a short action, however mods need to be made to the action itself. Does anyone know what the mods are? I am $4500.00 deep into a hunting rifle chambered in 300wsm, have everything ready, but...
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    Gunsmithing removing remmy 700 trigger

    Re: removing remmy 700 trigger Thanks for all your advice guys. Got it out with little effort and didn't even have a spring "spring" on me! Did the bedding job, reinstalled trigger, and everything is great! Thanks a bunch!
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    Gunsmithing removing remmy 700 trigger

    Can anyone point me in the general direction on how to remove a remington 700 trigger? I am planning on doing my first bedding job tonight but do not know how to remove a trigger. Thanks in advance!
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    Gunsmithing 300 wsm go/no go gauges

    Hi guys, does anyone know where I can buy a go gauge for 300wsm other than midway? they are out of stock and I really need to get one to me by next weekend. Does anyone else stock them that I can order from online? Or, do any of you have a go gauge or go/ no go set for 300 wsm that you no longer...
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    Rifle Scopes Perfect scope for Hunting and Bench rest shooting?

    I know this is a redundant question, but I wanted to get opinions from those of you who know more than I do. My intentions for this build is for both hunting and benchrest shooting out to 600 yards, however i will be shooting from a bench more so than hunting. Here is the specs of the current...
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    Rifle Scopes Whats this worth??

    Figured i had better ask the pro's.....What do you suppose a Kahles ZF-84 10x Stanag V2 Reticle is worth in great condition. Had it offered up to me for trade on a different site, but cannot find a current value on it. also, cannot find any info of a V2 reticle. Any help would be appreciated as...
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles optics

    Re: Kahles optics Whoops! Sorry about that! Here you go
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles optics

    Re: Kahles optics This is a link to the one I was looking at
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles optics

    Does anyone have any imout on the kahles zerostop scopes? Mainly what I am looking for is the Total elevation adjustment on it? I am looking to find an optics that will zero my hunting rifle at 100 yds even though I have a 20 moa rail. Will this work? And if not, any suggestions on optics that...
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    Bullet pricing???

    Hey guys- Came across some old stock Winchester silvertips and Norma Bullets and was crious as to what they are worth. I know they are all either discontinued or replaced by something new, and have no real way to gauge a fair selling price on them. Hoping you guys could help me out. Here is...
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    Hunting & Fishing A few pics from this weekend and others

    Re: A few pics from this weekend and others The perfect way to end a successful day hunting! Congrats!
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    Hunting & Fishing michigan double

    Re: michigan double I really need to try this yote hunting. Just sounds like a blast!
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    Im going to be rich!!!!!!!

    Re: Im going to be rich!!!!!!! You know what is sad, the fact that there are some people out there that fal for crazy aunt included.
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    Harris Bipod vs Atlas Bipod

    Re: Harris Bipod vs Atlas Bipod I am not familiar with an Atlas bipod, but I have nothing but good things to say about Harris.
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    Student expelled for having unloaded guns...

    Re: Student expelled for having unloaded guns... The school board is flexing its "muscles", and a poor young hunter gets the pointy end of the stick. So much for the gold ol' days. "A country boy can survive"
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    Have fun in Tijuana 4 more decapitated bodies

    Re: Have fun in Tijuana 4 more decapitated bodies I live about 2 hours from the san diego/tj border and travel down there quite a bit. I store a Donzi fishing boat in La Salinas Mexico. There are a lot of reports about the murders in TJ, but believe me, its not all that it is cracked up to...
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    pics of Haitian earthquake

    Re: pics of Haitian earthquake I cant believe the amount of destruction in Haiti. It is really sad, especially since they are right next to the dominican which is nice and unaffected.
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    Friends MMA Fight!

    Re: Friends MMA Fight! Did he get hit by a baseball bat!!! DANG!
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    H&K Benelli Super 90

    Re: H&K Benelli Super 90 MAN!!!! I payed 750.00 for mine and I was happy with that! Sounds like a great score to me!
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    how do you decide how much ammo to have?

    Re: how do you decide how much ammo to have? I tend to stock up on my favotite calibers (ones that are more common)and then a decent amount in all others. Rule of thumb, atleast 500 rounds in every caliber gun I own. If it dosnt have ammo, it doesnt belong in my safe!