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    Hunting & Fishing Laser range finder for hunting conditions

    You might also look at the Nikon black 4k. I have had the opportunity to compare it side by side with models running over twice the cost and it really surprised me. Can get reliable ranges on trees at over 1500.
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    Hunting & Fishing Those of you to the south CATCH!!!

    Re: Those of you to the south CATCH!!! Went out with three friends on Saturday and shot dove in my grandparents back yard (they live on a farm.) Only had 9 birds against our limit out of the 96 that we killed. The eurasian collared dove have us covered up and no limit.
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    Hunting & Fishing Barnes 180 ttsx out of a Remington .308 5R

    Re: Barnes 180 ttsx out of a Remington .308 5R Hodgdon's website, shows 41 as a starting load and 45 as max in 308 with a 180 grain bullet. The site does not list the Barnes bullet specifically but if you start at the minimum, 41.0, should be safe.
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    Temp change effecting load?

    Re: Temp change effecting load? Gonna need more information. What caliber load, and powder. Some powders are affected by temperature swings quite significantly while others such as Varget temps seem to make no difference. Have you seen any difference shooting during the winter or at colder...
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    Hunting & Fishing New Mexico turkey hunting ?'s

    Re: New Mexico turkey hunting ?'s Many of the reservations in the state are doing hunts. Check out the Mescalero apache reservation I believe that they have a flat fee for turkey. Never hunted any of the reservations but have heard if you are willing to pay your chances of success are high.
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    Necessary twist for .308 175gr...?

    Re: Necessary twist for .308 175gr...? My rifle has the factory one in twelve twist and it loves the 175 SMK.
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    Re: 22-250 Depends on your plans for it. 22-250 is a great varmint round. If all you want to do is punch paper there are better calibers out there that you can get far better barrel life out of.
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    Wolf Primers

    Re: Wolf Primers I shoot the Wolf in a Glock 22 and Glock 35 both of which have charlie vanek's kits in them. I have to pay very close attention to ensure that they are firmly seated. If they go off on the second attempt it is a good indication that they were not properly seated. The...
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    Remington 700 Police 338 Lapua rifles

    Re: Remington 700 Police 338 Lapua rifles I picked mine up new for just over $1000 shipped.
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    Remington 700 Police 338 Lapua rifles

    Re: Remington 700 Police 338 Lapua rifles Badger will modify (drill out the holes) one of their bases and provide the proper screws if you call them. They have about a 4-6 week lag on getting it to you because of the customization. As far as muzzle break I am putting a JP recoil eleminator...
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    Wolf Primers

    Re: Wolf Primers Been several threads on here about Wolf. Most including myself seem to like them. I have shot about 7k of them in rifle and pistol and all but two went bang. I was able to attribute both of those to high primers as second go they bot popped. My understang is that Wolf are...
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    Barnes TSX Bullets

    Re: Barnes TSX Bullets The rifle is a Remington 700 VSF with a stock heavy 26" fluted barrel 1 in 12. Loading data Barnes 150 Tipped TSX CCI LR primer Lapua Brass 46.5 grains of Varget 2900 fps muzzle velocity I know that I can push these harder as they show absolutely no signs of...
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    Barnes TSX Bullets

    Re: Barnes TSX Bullets I shoot the TTSX in 308 and get under half MOA. They shoot as well if not better than SMK. So I believe there is deffinately accuracy to be gained. I load mine 40 thousandths off the lands. Instead of starting with Barnes suggestion I loaded the same OAL as...
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    Question for LE Swat Snipers-UPDATE

    Re: Question for LE Swat Snipers I would check into state statutes first. Don't know about CA but here we have an anti donation clause. Anything that is City, County, or State property cannot be sold or given to an individual without going through auction. I know a lot of states have...
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    Sticky bolt and over pressure sign?

    Re: Sticky bolt and over pressure sign? Also if the resizing die you are using has an expander bal make sure you get enough lube inside the case neck. I have seen cases where not enough lube and the expander ball stretches the neck and shoulder out making it hard to chamber.
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    glock reloading

    Re: glock reloading You are absolutely right. These fast burning powders have very sharp pressure spikes. When you begin to see signs you need to stop immediately because you are fixing to have problems. For pleasureable shooting though you can't beat fast powder and heavy bullet.
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    glock reloading

    Re: glock reloading Redding makes a push through die. The entire case is pushed through the die sizing it the entire length. I use an EGW undersize die. It sizes more of the case than a regular sizing die.
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    glock reloading

    Re: glock reloading +1 on the Titegroup. For plinking fast powder and heavy bullet make for very little recoil. I shoot Titegroup under 200 and 220 cast bullets for IPSC and there is almost no sight lift.
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    Member Link Up New Mexico

    Re: New Mexico Ok will let you know. I am thinking of dusting off the pistol and making the shoot.
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    Member Link Up New Mexico

    Re: New Mexico Ichasecouse, It was fun. Hopefully next month we will get the attendance back up. The easter thing kinda got this months match. The steel should be ready for next month's shoot too. Repins, sound like you are well on your way. Not a lot of places that you can get to 1k or...