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  1. Tengo1

    New to reloading, need some advice round #2

    Shot my very first reloaded rounds ever yesterday. Loaded one round each in .3 grain increments from essentially minimum to max per the Hornady loading manual. Did 140 grain ELD match in my 6.5 with H4350. And did 168 SMK, 175 SMK, and 178 ELD’s for my .308 using IMR 4064. I used a...
  2. Tengo1

    New to reloading. Need some advice

    So after saving brass for 10 years I finally dived into the deep end with reloading this past year. It’s been 12 months of slowly gathering parts, I just tonight started my load development for Hornady .308 178 gr ELD’s. Brass is once fired Federal from factory gold medal match. Primers are...
  3. Tengo1

    Disappointed in Forster CO-AX paint job. *Update 11/2

    Just picked up a brand new one from Scheels. For a $365 press, this thing has the worst paint job of any press I’ve ever seen. Including the cheapest Lee presses. And before the whole “it doesn’t effect function” crowd. I get it. But for a top tier press their paint department sucks. Or the...
  4. Tengo1

    Forster Co-Ax press in stock. $349.99, free shipping

    Scheels has a few left. Your welcome.
  5. Tengo1

    Firearms WTB AAC .300 blackout 9” MPW Upper

    These come up for sale a lot but I’m always to late. Looking for AAC branded .300 blackout MPW upper with the 8” URX 3.1 handguard and 9” barrel. Like this: Please let me know now if your willing to part with one.
  6. Tengo1

    (SOLD) Bushnell Excursion 15-45x60 spotting scope- reduced to $250 shipped

    I’ve used it a couple times at the range. It is in essentially like new condition. No dings, scratches, glass is perfect. Comes with a carrying case, Bushnell tripod that attaches to the case, spotting scope cover, carrying strap, etc. This version does not have a mil reticle. Details on...
  7. Tengo1

    Bonanza Co-Ax for $150... FO?

    I have the opportunity to pick up a Bonanza Co-Ax (same as Forster) for $150. It’s obviously at least 20 years old. But looks to be in very good and fully functional shape. I’ve always planned on a Forster CO-AX, but as their prices have risen from $240 to $340 over the last 5 years I’ve started...
  8. Tengo1

    Accessories WTB - CDI precision bottom metal for FN SPR

    Looking for CDI bottom metal for an FN SPR. Thanks.
  9. Tengo1

    Apparently FN discontinued every model of SPR except one.

    Is this old news? First I heard about it. I love my A3G. Per there own website:
  10. Tengo1

    Can only post small pictures now?

    I used to be able to post decent size pictures - 600X400. Now it says the max height is like 280? I adjusted one of my pictures in photo bucket to that size and its tiny. What gives?
  11. Tengo1

    Rifle Scopes Possibly damaged my scope? UPDATE

    So I picked up a Switchview power magnifaction handle at the Shot Show for my Leupold Mark 4. I put it on tonight and slowly tightend the two allen screws to hold it firmly in place. I dont know why I do it, but I have a habit of overtighting things. I had it on there plenty firm, but decided to...
  12. Tengo1

    Colt is upping their game, new 6920's

    Its been a slow road, I wont argue with the guys who say Colt has fallen behind the pac with their offerings, and as some feel almost anti civilian attitude. But.... things are changing at Colt, and for the better. I don't know if its one man, or a group that deserve a big pat on the back for...
  13. Tengo1

    Iron Sight Issues on my MK12 Mod 0 upper

    So I bought a custom built (meaning someones build upper) on last week. Its Build Specs are this: White Oak upper (with key hole mark) White Oak semi auto BCG White Oak SPR Barrel 18 inch barrel PRI Gen 3 forearm PRI flip up front sight/gas block PRI SPR PEQ top rail ARMS #40 Rear...
  14. Tengo1

    Range Report 1,000 yards..... I did it and I'm hooked!!!

    A little over a year ago I bought my first precision rifle, a FN SPR A3G, which I introduced to the hide, here The range I shoot at is a pretty standard 300 yards range, it has range marks at 50, 100, 200, and then a big berm at 300. Over the last year I have dont most of my shooting at 100...
  15. Tengo1

    My Girlfriend just out shot me with my own gun!!

    You heard that right. I just got whooped by my 19 year old girlfriend with my very own rifle. A rifle, I might add, that she has never shot before. I bought a FN SPR A3G back about 10 months ago that I first introduced to the hide back in Feb. right here. I have put 540 rounds thru it since...
  16. Tengo1

    Photos My FN SPR A3G at sun set

    Took this about a month ago at the range
  17. Tengo1

    My intro into the precision rifle world. FN A3G

    First off, a hello to all the members of the hide. I have been an observer of this website for about 3 years now and just recently decided to finally join. Here is what I consider my first precision rifle. An FN SPR A3G I bought this baby online back in the summer, brand new un-fired for...