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  1. Pritch

    Tampon Shortage Hits Consumers Amid High Inflation

    I use em to light fires with a ferro rod when I'm out camping, they come in a waterproof plastic wrapper too which is a major bonus ;)
  2. Pritch


    its a story about an alien some gullible zombies and a non-descript govt org
  3. Pritch

    I have basically stopped tipping, and its paying off.

    Straya no tip not part of the deal here ;)
  4. Pritch

    How stupid is the average Woketard?

  5. Pritch

    Snipers on the Modern Battlefield

    watched a mate shooting at a rabbit with a scope at 5 odd meters he kept hitting dirt "OOF''
  6. Pritch

    Chainsaw chaps

    chaps have their place BUT they are a trip hazard waiting to happen just say no AND Get yourself the chainsaw pants they are the way to go after climbing trees around power lines for a living they served me well Alternatively get someone or yourself to sow the chaps into a decent set of pants...
  7. Pritch

    Dry, cracked hands and split fingers? Step on in.

    Sorbolene did wonders for me when my skin was peeling off literally
  8. Pritch

    More anti vaping marketing than anti cigs?

    They are charging $1.97 per Marlboro in Aus
  9. Pritch

    More anti vaping marketing than anti cigs?

    In my part of the world you get into more trouble with the law for growing tobacco then you do for Marijuana
  10. Pritch

    We got any drivers here? How do you keep from falling asleep?

    did 947 miles in 17.5 hrs only stopped for fuel and to drop off some battery acid ;) start your trip just before the sun comes up and fuel up the night b4 drink Guarana and Taurine before you get tired works well as a beta blocker once the sun goes down sit behind a semi trailer or other big...
  11. Pritch

    Maggie’s The confusing world of female eye brows, makeup and yoga pants in the professional workplace.

    Be careful putting your gear anywhere near that things mouth it might mistake it for food :/
  12. Pritch

    Maggie’s Situational Ethics Question

    I hate anchovies but I'll put up with it this time ;)
  13. Pritch

    We have ZERO PRIVACY

  14. Pritch

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    I'll just leave this here...
  15. Pritch

    You ever get bored?

    16.88 Quintillion MOA 3.38 MOA equals 1 Milradian 5 Quintillion X 3.38 gives u 16.88 Quintillion (dirtiest way to work on the fly .1 Mil gives u .3 MOA) TADA :D
  16. Pritch

    How long before China / Russia attack

    Unfortunate but true in that regard as to the evolution the repercussions will be severe @FS1 Times would be hard and character would be built. I think our current path is a far worse fate than the loss of power would be. Humanity has not evolved as fast as technology has. JMHO the last time...
  17. Pritch

    How long before China / Russia attack

    If you feed something it multiplies If you stop feeding that something there is a die off That is why in state parks you are asked to not feed the animals There is a lot to that one alas I wont go into but apply it as you will...
  18. Pritch

    How long before China / Russia attack

    If that's the case (no i dont want fearmongering i want ppl safe regardless of issue) food water shelter and ways to replenish lived in my shed for a while over lock downs imagine never walking up to a shop for months/years without electricity
  19. Pritch

    How long before China / Russia attack

    Rady i like how your looking at the current state of affairs but I worry of the events of 911 see what was done to another country for X amount of people dead what would be done once X times a factor i don't know is happening daily (yes incorrect reporting and reasons of death numbers are hard...
  20. Pritch


    It'd be nice to get my business off the ground but the amount of red tape and insurance/liability that caters to the lowest common denominator The nanny state we have If there is a way to get ahead with good margins they make it illegal I can reference organized crime that's an easy one...