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  1. Jeff in TX

    WTS Like new Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 Illuminated FireDot Duplex Scope

    WTS like new Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 Illuminated FireDot Duplex Scope. Like new, no ring marks and in excellent condition. Box lost in our move. $775.00
  2. Jeff in TX

    MK 12 Mod 0 300 Blackout is complete

    Finally got the 300 Blk Out Mk 12 Mod 0 completed. Took it out to the range this morning for the testing. Supersonic loads loads shoot .75" moa at 100 yards. The 208 gr Hornady AMAX sub sonic loads shoot a hair under 1 moa which blew my mind. Wow is it accurate with both super and sub sonic...
  3. Jeff in TX

    Gunsmithing Touching up Cerecote Dark Earth

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to touch up Cerecote Dark Earth without sending the barrel to my smith to be completely redone?
  4. Jeff in TX

    Night Vision Plus and minus's on the ATN PS22 gen 2 or Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 and IR illuminator

    I've moved from considering the pulsar N550/750 to considering either the ATN PS22 Gen 2 clip-on or Armasight CO-MR Gen 2+ SD Day/Night Vision Clip-On System on for night hog hunting. Pros and cons for either unit? Most of our shots are 80 to 100 yards with the max being around 175 yards. Not...
  5. Jeff in TX

    Gunsmithing What kind of anti-seize lub to use

    Yesterday I took my new rifle built by Chad at LongRifles Inc to the range. It shot lights out. However went I went to remove the suppressor it had seized to the brake and the brake unscrewed from the barrel instead of the suppressor. Thank goodness I brought the thread protector cap. I had...
  6. Jeff in TX

    Custom Tikka T3 Lite by Chad at LongRifles Inc

    I was finally able to get my new Tikka build out to the range to see what she would do. I tried last week but the new Leupold V6 1-6 had such a bad parallax issue it was impossible to sight the rifle in. I had to send the scope back to Leupold to be re-calibrated. As fate would have Chad...
  7. Jeff in TX

    Anyone reloading Barnes 85 gr TSX bullets for a .243 win

    Is anyone reloading Barnes 85 gr TSX bullets for a .243 win. Have you found a good load and setup you could share?
  8. Jeff in TX

    Anyone reloading Barnes 85 Gr TSX bullets in .243 win

    Is anyone reloading Barnes 85 gr TSX bullets for a .243 win. Have you found a good load and setup you could share? Thanks
  9. Jeff in TX

    Suppressors Any loss of accuracy with your suppressors

    I know putting on a suppressor usually changes your POI. My question is does it, will one degrade your accuracy any?
  10. Jeff in TX

    Suppressors Accuracy of sub-sonic loads

    For those of you shooting sub-sonic ammo out of your suppressed .308's how many of you are getting sub MOA accuracy? The reason I ask, I've tried sub-sonic ammo out of my suppressed .308 and basically I was happy putting 5 rounds into a 4" circle at 100 yards. This was about the absolute best...
  11. Jeff in TX

    Gunsmithing FireClean Oil ....... Good stuff!

    A buddy gave me a bottle of FireClean oil last spring and told me it was the best oil he’d ever used on his guns. What he really raved about was its ability to penetrate the metal and provide a barrier to keep carbon fouling from really taking hold and make cleaning of the weapon a snap. I...
  12. Jeff in TX

    Gunsmithing Sneak Peak at LongRifles Inc LH Tikka T3 Build "more pics"

    Chad called me today to let me know my Tikka T3 build was almost ready and would ship early next week. He also sent me a few photos to tease me that I thought I'd share The build consisted of facing off the small transition on the front of the receiver Blue printed and trued the bolt and...
  13. Jeff in TX

    Suppressors Pros and cons of sealed vs break down suppressor

    My suppressor is the break down version meaning I can take the front and rear end caps off, baffles and bullet strike tube out for cleaning. My buddy’s suppressors are all the sealed type with no way of breaking it down. He told me he should never have to clean his I do like the fact that I...
  14. Jeff in TX

    Sidearms & Scatterguns I did it!

    Ok I’m not a pistol guy, lethal at very long distances with a rifle but up til a handful of years ago I used to tell folks I couldn’t shoot my way out of wet paper bag with a pistol. I have a very nice 70’s series .45 ACP rebuilt with a bunch of Wilson combat pats. Minus the slide and frame...
  15. Jeff in TX

    DPMS .308 Recon accuracy

    Looking to pick up a DPMS .308 Recon upper/barrel assembly and was wondering what type of accuracy to expect at 100 yards. Won't be shooting open sight as this rifle will where good glass though not sure what scope yet?
  16. Jeff in TX

    Gunsmithing Frustrations with McMillan stocks

    I ordered two McMillan flat top no inlet stocks the first week of Jan 2013. I was given a lead time to two to three months since these were simple builds with no inletting or finishing. I got an email from McMillan on 3/4/2013 wanting to confirm the builds and configurations. I called...
  17. Jeff in TX

    Range Report "Here's your sign" A little fun at the range

    My son called me laughing his rear end off after leaving range the other day shooting his .270 win. He said the guy next to him was fixated on watching him shoot and kept staring at his shot brass. He was shooting reloads and some of his cases were .270, 25-06 and 30-06 brass all neck up/down...
  18. Jeff in TX

    Rifle Scopes Why all the craze for reticles in the first focal plane

    It seems as though scopes with reticle in the first focal plane (FFP) are all the rage now, though for my life I have no idea why. I understand that your reticle size increases and decreases as you move through the scopes power range. This makes ranging at any power setting easier…though not...
  19. Jeff in TX

    Rifle Scopes Need a scope ring for attachments

    I need a 1" as we'll as 30mm scope ring that has only a small picatinny rail on top to mount my red LED Hog-sniper flashlight to my scope on my hunting rifle. I need a ring that is only for attachments and does not connect to a scope mount.I want to be able to use my Leupold quick detachable...
  20. Jeff in TX

    Hunting & Fishing When my hog hunt turned extremly dangerous!

    So gang ever have one of those moments where you could push the undo button or slap yourself in the back of the head and say "I could have had a V8"! Well here's mine. I was hunting out at the ranch in Santo TX two weeks ago. I had killed a nice 9-point on my evening hunt. I decided around...