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    WTB WTB: PVS27 Soft Case and Accessories

    I recently picked up a used PVS27..... All I received was JUST the actual PVS27, no soft case or accessories. Posting a WTB ad to see if anyone might have a PVS27 and/or and of the kit accessories they'd be willing to part with. Let me know if you've got anything you're willing to part with...
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    Night Vision Soft case for PVS27

    I just picked up a used PVS27 that didn't include any accessories. Any leads on where I might be able to find a soft case to store it in/ transport to the range? Thanks
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    Shooting PVS27/ PVS30 unsuppressed

    I'm toying with the idea of running a newly acquired PVS27 or my PVS30 on my 300PRC or 338LM. Neither of these are suppressed however and my only nighttime experience is with a suppressor..... How annoying is it going to be to run either the PVS27 or PVS30 on an unsuppressed magnum rifle? I...
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    185 Juggernaut in 20" .308 AR

    So I've run across some .308 FGMM with the 185 Juggernaut bullet that I'm thinking I might run through my 20" ,308 AR. Historically I've shot the 175SMK with great results. Curious if any of you have any experience running the FGMM 185 juggernaut load through a 20" AR? What kind of performance...
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    Badlands ICBM 255 ELR performance

    Not sure the best forum to post this so please redirect if I'm in the wrong spot..... I finally got a decent load for the Badlands ICBM 255gr .338 cal bullet last week. Running a bit slow at 2855 out of my 26" barrel, but it had an SD of 7 across 9 rounds and was pretty solid .75moa so I...
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    Accessories WTS: RPR factory trigger

    Looking to sell my factory Ruger Precision Rifle trigger. This trigger came out of my RPR magnum rifle as soon as I got the rifle, it's never been fired. Asking $50 shipped. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 300PRC Hornady Match Grade Die Set with atip seating stem

    Looking to sell my Hornady 300PRC Match grade die set. This set includes a full length bushing sizing die (no bushing included), seating die, atip seating stem. I would advertise both dies as being in good condition. The lock rings on both dies are showing a bit of rust and there is a little...
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    What caused this primer failure?

    Last night I fired 5 handloaded rounds through my 20" 308 AR. FC brass, 175 smk bullet, 41.5 IMR4064, the 5 rounds average 2570 fps which is in the ballpark of normal for a 20" I believe. However, I had 2 of the WLR primers piece at the edge..... see the 2 primers at the top of the pic in my...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 4lbs US869 powder (Eastern WA) **Reduced 6/10/22**

    Looking to sell 4 lbs of US869 powder. I'm located in eastern WA, not interested in shipping. Asking $120 FTF. 5/20/22- Reduced to $110 FTF 6/10/22- Reduced to $90 FTF Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
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    SOLD WTS: Surefire Socom SR25 muzzle brake

    Looking to sell my Surefire socom 2 port brake. This is threaded 3/4x24 for use on an SR 25. I have used this brake for 500ish rounds. Selling as I'm swapping back to a KAC muzzle device. No shims included. Asking $90 shipped. ***6/23/22 SOLD***
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 16lbs N568 (Eastern WA) **Reduced 5/23/22**

    I have 2 8lb jugs of N568 powder I'd like to trade. Willing to trade for H1000 or Retumbo. I received both of these 8lb jugs within the past month. One of the jugs is still sealed/ unopened, the other I have opened and loaded 30 rds of 300PRC out of so it's just shy of 8lbs. I'm located in...
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    Night Vision PVS30 POI conundrum

    So I've been out playing with my PVS30 the past couple nights and it has me scratching my head. At distance, the PVS30 is pushing my impacts high while at 100 yds I am seeing basically zero shft in my zero. Last night, I ran through my targets and checked my dope in the daytime then put the...
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    SOLD WTT: 1200 6.5 140 amax bullets for 130 ELD-Ms **Sold**

    I have 1200 140 amax bullets I'd like to trade for 130 ELD-Ms. 11 of the 12 boxes are from the same lot. Looking for a similar quantity of 130 ELD-Ms and would like the quantity in only 1 or 2 lots. Willing to use cash to offset any difference in bullet quantity as part of the trade. **SOLD**...
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    St George Utah- LR/ ELR opportunities?

    It's looking like I'll need to relocate down to the SW US by the end of the year for work. One area that would work is around St George Utah..... curious if we have any members in that area? Any comments on what the area has to offer in terms of long range and extreme long range shooting...
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    SOLD Redding 6CM & 6.5CM Neck Sizing Dies **Reduced 4/7/22**

    Looking to sell a couple of neck sizing dies that I don't use. To that point, I really can't recall if I've ever used these or not, if they have been used it's for only a handful of rounds. Both dies are redding neck size dies, non bushing. Asking $40 shipped a piece. Let me know if you are...
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    SOLD WTS KAC anti cant device **SOLD**

    Looking to sell my KAC anti cant device. $65 shipped. Paypal gift or zelle payment. Let me know if you are interested. **Sold**
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    Accessories WTS: .338LM MRAD barrel kit

    I was able to find a 6.5CM barrel to purchase so no longer looking to trade. That said, I would like to sell my Barrett MRAD 338LM barrel, matched bolt and 2 magazines. Barrel has roughly 300 rounds through it. Asking $1350 shipped. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
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    Reloading Equipment WTT: For CCI 250s or Fed 215s

    Located in eastern wa but travel through WA, OR, ID and UT for work. Looking to trade various reloading items for CCI or Federal large magnum rifle primers. I've got the following to offer: - WIN WLR primers - CCI #34 primers - a couple pounds of IMR4064 - Several pounds of IMR7977- I...
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    SOLD WTS/ WTT: .308 250 & 230 atips **Reduced 3/20**

    Looking to move some hornady atip bullets that I no longer need. Only selling in complete groups, not splitting individual boxes out of either lot. I have the following: qty 600- 250 gr .308 atips, same lot - $550 shipped - 3/20- Reduced to $500 shipped qty 300- 230 gr .308 atips, same lot...
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    Reloading Equipment WTT: ADG 300 PRC brass for Lapua

    Good afternoon, I have 100 pieces of new unfired ADG 300 PRC brass I'd like to trade for 100 pieces of new unfired Lapua 300 PRC brass. Not interested in selling, only trading. Thanks