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  1. HotIce

    Movie Theater Legends of the Fall

    I watched this yesterday, again, might be for the fifth time since it came out (1994). What a great movie!
  2. HotIce

    To talk or not to talk

    This is old, and maybe it has been already discussed here, but it caught me by surprise as my natural behavior would have been exactly the contrary of what suggested here: Law proof and Cops agree: NEVER talk to the Cops I'd really like to know what Cops hanging out on SH think about this.
  3. HotIce

    CMMG 308 Lower, DPMS LR-308 Upper, good marriage?

    Thanks to CA fine regulations, I have to split my awesome LR-308, and replace the lower with OOL receiver, which I thought CMMG be the netural choice. Anyone has them joined? How the fit and finish differences among the two? Also, if anyone wants to do a trade between DPMS and CMMG 308 lowers...
  4. HotIce


    I was boringly clicking SH ads, when ... Bartlein barrels, at the Grizzly web site . In stock even. Caught me by surprise
  5. HotIce

    Movie Theater Knight and Day

    Anyone seen it yet? I'm debating if going to hit the theater for it or not ...
  6. HotIce

    Apple Fans

    You've got to give it to them, they are resolute. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src=""...
  7. HotIce

    Afghan Mineral Stock Pile

    Does that mean that heroine can now become the second source of income for the country? Afghan Mineral Stock Pile
  8. HotIce

    Movie Theater City Island

    I liked this a lot. Andy Garcia was great, and the whole movie story was enjoyable and sentimental at the same time. A pleasant surprise for me this was. Definitely recommended.
  9. HotIce

    Movie Theater The Book of Eli

    I thought it was pretty good overall. Definitely worth watching.
  10. HotIce

    Rifle Scopes Colossal Savings at SG

    Counter Sniper scopes $2500 off Occasions like these happen once in a lifetime!
  11. HotIce

    Movie Theater Brothers

    Pretty good movie IMO. I enjoyed it. Brothers (2009)
  12. HotIce

    Movie Theater The Blind Side

    I liked this a lot. Sandra Bullock has been wonderful, from both an acting and appearance POV. She seems to get better with age, in both.
  13. HotIce

    Movie Theater Hachiko - A Dog's Story

    Beautiful movie (from a real story), wonderful dog. It made my eyes tear, and I'm not even a dog person. Definitely worth watching, weather or not you like dogs.
  14. HotIce

    Courage Cat

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  15. HotIce

    Haiti quake

    Haiti Earthquake IIRC from the pictures that <span style="color: #3333FF">hotshotphotography</span> posted (simple brick walls), this could be very bad news for them Hopefully he's well ...
  16. HotIce

    Suppressors Lead bullets and polygonal rifling in pistols

    Is it really bad mojo?
  17. HotIce

    Gunsmithing Kroil and red Loctite

    Does Kroil damage red Loctite bonds?
  18. HotIce

    Gunsmithing Front Sight Coming Loose

    In my Kimber 1911, I replaced the factory sights with the Truglo BrightSight time ago. Very nice improvement WRT the factory sight, at least for a while. Today, after printing a shotgun pattern on the target, I noticed that the front sight came loose. Can anyone throw some clean way to fix it...
  19. HotIce

    Suppressors Lead Fouling

    Which method do you guys use to clean lead fouling out of your barrels?
  20. HotIce

    Leave powder in the thrower

    After you done reloading a caliber, do you leave the powder in the thrower?