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  1. SmokeRolls

    Training Courses Need help finding a good CCW instructors course in Ky

    Ive got a bunch of friends that are urging me to get certified to teach CCW courses. Trying to find out a few good locations / instructors to go with, I would prefer somewhere in central ky since i live just south of Lexington. thanks.... patrick I can also be reached via cell 859-516-8384 and...
  2. SmokeRolls

    whats a good price for once fired 45 acp brass?

    Guy wants to trade some primers for a bunch of my once fired brass and i dont know the value anymore. Any suggestions?? Patrick
  3. SmokeRolls

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 60's USMC Camilus fighting knife with original sheath value?

    Its in good shape with normal use, whats something like this worth now. Its a cool knife Thanks guys. .....SmokeRolls
  4. SmokeRolls

    Selling AK, mags and ammo to local guy. How much ?

    Selling my AK 47 side folder, Ammo, 30 rd mags, 1 ten round mag and I dont know what a fair price would be now that demand is thru the roof. Need your help, hes bugging me and everyone of the gun shops are just about sold out and frantically busy. I think I have about 600 rounds of wolf HP but...
  5. SmokeRolls

    Suppressors Shopping for a nice quality suppresor for Pof 308

    Need suggestions on what brands offer a really good quality suppresor for a good price. I would appreciate your recommendations ....SmokeRolls
  6. SmokeRolls

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Best lazer sight for friends Taurus Judge

    Hey, I have a friend that has a taurus judge and she wants a lazer for it, so trying to accomodate her with the info she needs. Any recommendations and suppliers to deal with, let us know. If there is a choice between green ( veridian ) and red, i guess i would opt for the green since it would...
  7. SmokeRolls

    Case trimmer recommendation

    Shopping for a good quality case trimmer that can quickly get my cases trimmed to exact length and not take too long. Is the Wilson Sinclair still about the best one? I looked on Sinclairs web site and they have one for like $169 and Sinclairs upgraded version with a nicer looking micro adjust...
  8. SmokeRolls

    Gunsmithing HS Precision Mag question

    I have a Remington 700 with McMillan and HS Precision bottom metal and mags, I just sold the rifle and have one 10round mag left over. I put it up for sale in the for sale section and a person with a savage and HS Precision bottom metal asked if the mags are universal and will fit both. ....I...
  9. SmokeRolls

    How much are these worth Swaro 10x50 SLC's?

    Whats a Swarovski SLC 10x50 binos in excellent shape with original box and carrying bag worth?? The glass is in perfect shape too and clear as a bell. ......SmokeRolls
  10. SmokeRolls

    Hunting & Fishing 95 grain V-Max in 6.5 work well on coyote :)

    hole going in...tiny hole going out...priceless ....SmokeRolls
  11. SmokeRolls

    My 68 Camaro F/S

    Decided to sell my old sweetheart.
  12. SmokeRolls

    Need advice, value 4 Winchester pre 64 Super Grade

    We have a vintage Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 SUPER GRADE 257 Roberts and the condition is fantastic... This is one of the prettiest rifles I have had the pleasure of handling. Wood condition is beautiful, has a few dings but is in excellent shape. Bluing is fantastic and looks better than most...
  13. SmokeRolls

    Whats a 40X Rem 223 AI ex shape & set up in BR con

    Today I ran across a beautiful 40X Remington with 223 AI heavy barrel all set up in a pretty benchrest black stock and it all looked to be in excellent shape. I did not inspect rifling nor asked about the trigger but I would say that it is all benchrest ready and probably has a lot of life in...
  14. SmokeRolls

    Hunting & Fishing Forum you recommend 4 hunting rifles / shotguns?

    What other forums would you recommend for hunting rifles /shotguns and hunting gear discusions? Thanks......SmokeRolls
  15. SmokeRolls

    6.5 Rem Mag questions and your comments about it.

    I just bought a very nice older rem 700 in 6.5 rem mag and just currious what you guys think about this cartridge. I could rebarrel and turn it into whatever short action cartridge I want but Im thinking about just ordering some dies and having some fun with this cartridge until barrel wears out...
  16. SmokeRolls

    Gunsmithing Need a recommendation on AR10plumber

    We are in Central Kentucky and a friend just had a 308 case seperate inside his DPMS AR-10. The case split in half and the neck and shoulder area are still stuck in the chamber. If you guys can recommend a good gunsmith with a great reputation and one that has a fast turn-around I would...
  17. SmokeRolls

    130 grain 308 questions.

    I have some Speer 130 grain hollow point 308 bullets that I thought about loading up and running thru my 308 POF 20" 1-10 twist. Their just collecting dust anyway Primarily I run 168 smk's, barnes x bullets and 150-168 nosler BT's thru it and I'm getting good accuracy out of it. I have never...
  18. SmokeRolls

    Any Berretta shotgun gurus out there?

    Can't find a place for shotgun questions, so I'll try it here. My buddy has a nice over-under 12 gauge Beretta bought in Italy when he was over seas. It has typical hunting marks but is in nice shape. The barrels look sweet. It has a vented rib and does not have removable chokes. The markings...
  19. SmokeRolls

    Hunting & Fishing Buddies got over-under Beretta Shotgun. have quest

    My buddy has a nice over-under 12 gauge Beretta bought in Italy when he was over seas. It has typical hunting marks but is in nice shape. The barrels look sweet. It has a vented rib and does not have removable chokes. The markings are: P Berreta It was made in Gardone V.T. The barrel is marked...
  20. SmokeRolls

    Reloading the 30-30 questions

    Bought my daughter a sweet Winchester Ranger 30-30 20" barrel for deer hunting and will be gearing up for reloading and have a few questions that you all could help with because I don't know squat about reloading this style of cartridge. #1 Are the Hornady LEVERevolution bullets a good choice...