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    52gr Match Burner

    Picked up some of these, they were in stock and on sale. Been looking for some data and coming up dry. Anybody have any starting loads in 223/5.56 preferably using Varget, RE15, BL-C(2), or H335? Thanks.
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    Rifle Scopes Good compromise AR optic?

    Considering scopes for my 18" 5.56 AR. It will see use hunting, anything from distant varmints to short range deer, but primarily be used on the range at stationary targets, inside 600yds, most likely inside 200, I like chasing groups more than banging steel most days, may test the waters of...
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    Range Report POI shift 155 and lighter

    I have a Rem 700 SPS-V in .308Win, freefloated in a B&C medalist stock and have noticed a distinct POI shift with 155 and lighter bullets. I typically shoot 168BTHP or Amax or 178BTHP which zero basically the same as far as windage, elevation when changing projectiles is of course to be...
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    Carbine buffer, rifle gas?

    I know there's allot of them out there, I also understand that Crane determined it an unreliable combination. So my question is what is the experience of those of you running a collapsible stock carbine length buffer system with a rifle length gas system? What kinda system life round count do...
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    Budget Rifle

    So my low dollar rifle, its not a build, everthing bolted on, checks in around $1350, not as budget as I thought but I spread it out overtime. Started like this, .308 SPS-V, borrowed b-square base, weaver? rings, and redfield 4-12X Over eight months gained a Timney 510, Weaver 20MOA rail, TPS...
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    .224 Hrn 68gr HPBT Match loads

    So I tried a few midrange loads over TAC with this 68gr HPBT bullet in my 5.56 chambered AR and while a couple did fair at 100yds, the groups went to hell at 200 6"+. First is this bullet too long for a 16" 1-9 twist barrel to stabilize? Hornady says its good for 7-10 twists. Second, any...
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    Versa pod? Ideal Bipod height?

    Looking for some advice. I've been shooting many years but have never used a bipod, always used a benchrest, field expedient, or positional shooting. Now I have a M700SPS-V .308 in a B&C Light Tac stock, and I'm considering putting a bipod on it. I know Harris is probably the most widespread...
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    Gunsmithing Making an adj stock

    So I'm thinking about taking a B&C light tac stock and making it adjustable, because I need a project, I don't like B&C's adjustable stock, I like the B&C on my hunting rifle and I'm too cheap for Manners, MCM, or HS and I have no idea what I might be missing with them. So my question is does...