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  1. tman300wm

    SOLD Accurate Mag Chassis Rem 700 SA

    Accurate Mag Sport-Tact Chassis for Rem700 SA footprint actions. Duracoated FDE Accessories added: Three picatinney rails to forearm (Bottom, Left, and Right) The left and right slots have flush cup sling adapters. Stock has some minor rash from being used for a season during competition...
  2. tman300wm

    Fieldcraft Colorado Filed Craft Course 2014

    Rifles Only North just completed it's first Field Craft Course in Colorado. We have had folks asking us to teach a field craft course for years and we finally found time in our schedule to fit one in. Attendance was good and the students did a superb job. We covered a number of subjects...
  3. tman300wm

    Triple Aught Designs

    OK, is it me or do these guys just plain suck? I have seen their products and know some people that actually have their gear and I have to say it looks great and is well designed. However, they never and I mean never have anything in stock! Holly crap, three years I have he been trying to...
  4. tman300wm

    Problems with Sako Quad mags

    I recently purchased 3 Sako Quad magazines from Beretta USA. They are in 22LR/17HMR2. When I try to insert them in the mag well they will not stay and lock into position. I can't tell if it's a design flaw in the new magazines or if I have another issue. I noticed that the 22LR mags look a...
  5. tman300wm

    Brass for the .260 Rem

    Guys, Are any of you using Nosler or Lapua brass in .260 Rem? Not necked down 7-08 but true .260 brass. What kind of longevity are you getting out of your brass? Are you having any issues with loose primer pockets? Any issues with necks? What die set up are you using (bushing, FL, NS)...
  6. tman300wm

    Rifle Scopes CS Tactical customer service!

    Guys, Just a quick word on CS Tactical customer service. Several days ago I was on CS Tactical's site looking for a scope for my hunting rig. I found an optic that suited my needs and placed an order for the scope. Several days latter I realized that the company that makes the optics I...
  7. tman300wm

    Installing a MagPul PRS

    I'm going to install a MagPul PRS on my SPR rifle. However, I'm not sure what parts I need. Can I use the castle nut that's on my curent stock (MagPul CTR)? I know I need to use an A2 Buffer Tube assembly, but is that all I need? Are there any parts aside from the A2 buffer tube that are...
  8. tman300wm

    Hunting & Fishing Shooting Antelope with a 25-06

    Guys, I'm doing an Antelope hunt this year and my rifle of choice is a Rem 700LA custom build with a 25" barrel in 1 in 10 twist. I'm looking at the following bullets for development: 115gr Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip, 115gr Nolser Ballistic Tip, and the 110gr Nolser Accu-Bond...
  9. tman300wm

    Best of the West Monthly Precision Rifle Match

    Best of the West Shooting Range 19500 W. SH 29 Liberty Hill, TX 78642 (512) 366-7700 Texas Multigun Precision Rifle Match First Sunday of every month What you need to compete: Precision rifle, bolt action or semi-automatic with capability of engaging targets out to 750 yards. Typical round...
  10. tman300wm

    New Shooting Range in Central Texas

    Guys, I just had a great weekend shooting at this range in Liberty Hill just north west of Austin, TX. If you live in central Texas do your self a favor and pay these guys a visit. Top notch facility with a rifle range that runs out to 1000 yards with steel and LaRue targets at each range. I...
  11. tman300wm

    SRT Supply Customer Service

    I purchased an AI 1.5 stock about a year ago for my Rem 700 5R. When I purchased the stock it was sold to me as "new". Unfortunately, it seems that it was not new and it was missing the sling stud that attaches to the underside of the forearm rail. I made several attempts to contact AI and buy...
  12. tman300wm

    Need a bi-pod for my AI chassis

    Guys, I'm looking for a bi-pod for my AI 1.5 chassis. I don't want to spend a fortune, and I would like to be able to use a Harris bi-pod if there is some attachment device that is available. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Tman
  13. tman300wm

    Gunsmithing Two stage aftermarket triggers for Rem 700

    I'm building an atelope hunting rifle and the action that I purchased does not have a trigger on it. I'm looking for a quality two stage trigger. What are your recomendations and considerations? Keep in mind that I'm hard on stuff so durability/reliability is a factor. Thanks,
  14. tman300wm

    Hunting & Fishing Questions about Antelope and calibers

    I recently won a 4 day all expense paid safari to hunt Pronghorn Antelope in Montana. I have a number or rifles for use, but as I have never hunted antelope I'm not sure which rifle and caliber is best suited for this kind of hunt. Please keep in mind that I may be doing a fair amount of...
  15. tman300wm

    Suppressors Any one have an STW suppressor?

    I just won a M30 Titanium STW suppressor. I have never heard of STW, and I don't have any experience with suppressors. Any one have one and what is your opinnion of the STW? What is the best way to conduct the transfer of the suppressor? Thanks, Tman
  16. tman300wm

    Gunsmithing Instaling a muzzle break

    Guys, Do you have to remove the barrel from the action to install a Badger FTE break? Thanks for any and all, Tman
  17. tman300wm

    Gunsmithing Best muzzle break

    Ok guys, don't smoke me for this... I did a search and didn't come up with much on this topic. Who makes the most effective muzzle break for reducing recoil while minimizing dirt backblast? Include links and pictures if you have them... Getting some ideas for a project rifle.
  18. tman300wm

    Gunsmithing Looking at doing a .243 Win tactical/comp rifle

    Guys, I'm looking at building a .243 Win Tactical/Comp rifle. I'm probably going to use a FN SPR action for the build. My question is: how short can I go on the barrel? I want to run the 115gr DTAC bullets, and I will probably run an AAC supressor as well. Can I get to 1000 yards accuratly...
  19. tman300wm

    Suppressors Problem with Taurus PT 1911 AR .45cal

    Several weeks ago, I was cleaning my new Taurus PT 1911 AR and getting ready to put it in my bed side nightstand. I keep it there, loaded, next to a flashlight. I placed a full magazine of 8 rounds in the pistol, cycled the slide and fed a round into the chamber. I then lowered the hammer to...