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  1. cz777

    froglube and tw25b not that great?

    damn bio-based lubs WILL with heat will break down ,now add-in burnt powder to the mix plus moisture end up with coke gumming and yes this eats up gas rings etc more lub Synthetic oil is the rule to go by ...who makes the best is the way to go -same with Polytetrafluoroethylene...
  2. cz777

    Anyone running a Precision Firearms AR

    i have known of Mark of Precision Firearms for 6 years ...his work is very damn good and detail as well the same ...anybody gets his work will love it -if you have any trouble ,he backs his work 100% ....
  3. cz777

    lost set of russian proof marks

    years ago i had a small book of the russian proof marks, in which it had the accuracy capable of said weapon like one of the top rated was a ''L'' near the mag of my svd ... anybody can help me with said list of thxs
  4. cz777

    Scar-17 tips/tricks and ammo recommendations?

    please dont cry and throw rocks at me of the first mods and save money is this .....SCAR25 | Handl Defense this was NOT out when i was looking at another semi-auto 308 platform ....
  5. cz777

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    drop the brains opps
  6. cz777

    Sons of Guns and Red Jacket

    oh opps them swamp rats can it wrong too ....sorry no offense to one else here ........
  7. cz777

    Odd sound from AR 15

    <---yes next headspacing maybe off too ! get a gauge set is next !!
  8. cz777

    Ok I have a poll question M1A or AR10 SASS

    best way to go .....choose wisely... but for over all the ar design wins the day .....
  9. cz777

    Tips and secrets for increasing the accuracy in an ar15

    if you have a good barrel and upper like this vltor loclite gel all over the Ar 15 Barrel Extension | Brownells before installing into reserver ...tighten barrel nut right ....clean up anything which will give you troubles .....take time to study how things work together ......dont use...
  10. cz777

    Holy smokes, DPMS G2 rifles

    nude .....damn no porn pics allowed old low light will get pissed off ......damn skinny and cold thing
  11. cz777

    LWRC REPR VS Larue PredatOBR 7.62

    tough as hell moa is a normal ...handload for better is work of love ....yes the repr is good but
  12. cz777

    Semi Auto Rifle Lubricants

    i have used Mobil 1 10w30 for years now you can add a bit of synthetic automatic oil to it 1/3 tranny to 2/3 oil will work very well ...test yourself the mix
  13. cz777

    POF P308 FTF problems

    Jeffjoiner5 ,hi please look at your gas system - see if all is clear and piston ops rod is free travel to the bolt carrier .....and what buffer spring are you using ?
  14. cz777

    anyone tried one of the new high rate of fire triggers?

    ok very nice trigger work ...its trigger exorcise time for all slow fingers ......
  15. cz777

    POF 14.5" 308 at 850 yards ! Holy s**t!

    nice shooting ....its shows short barrel can and will group well at range ! sorry mr. golden gun you are done in again ....
  16. cz777

    LaRue OBR with new Batteline Industries S.A.P.R CTR stock attachment

    i am going to sapr Battleline Industries on my repr ....when it comes in the mail .....i have ubr stock with this ,the cheek weld will be spot on by looks !
  17. cz777

    Built a .308 AR, having ejection issues. Any Ideas?

    for remove a lot of trouble try this .....this fixed my trouble with my repr Silent Captured Springs JPSCS-10 JP - Buffer Springs and Silent Captured Springs to remove all spring rates etc ....
  18. cz777

    Gunsmithing a link to a barrel length sturdy

    not to beat the old horse but here is another one done .......The Truth About Barrel Length, Muzzle Velocity and Accuracy | The Truth About Guns one of my beefs over short is the cry of its loader than a longer barrel -because your ear is a bit closer to the muzzle now in the fact muzzle...
  19. cz777

    High points/low poinTs, of H&K and Springfield

    psg has a dark side like the rest of the roll lock systems -very high maintenance set up --read on the web on bolt gap[of the hk roller lock weapons] and parts are very expensive ......recoil is NOT due to the 2 stage buffer/recoil system plus if you add the hk21 stock pad .......but weight and...
  20. cz777

    Gunsmithing scope rail mounting

    on mount rails for the scope which way is best with screws -flat pan head with without taper or with taper ...some of the same two different ways to go which is best ??? what about mixing the taper with flat head ??? this was asked by a friend to me so please ......i will e-mail over this one thxs