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  1. aljones_315

    Reloading Equipment PENDING 6.5 prc hornady virgin brass

    125 pieces. 2x sealed packages of 50 ea. And 25 pieces. In a zip lok bag $225 shipped conus Would trade for 140 eldm. 140 hpbt. Or possibly other projos fastest reply at 5055921497 thanks
  2. aljones_315

    WTB ISO ARC Nucleus. G1. Magnum bolt face.

    I have a .223 or a .308. Bolt head / extractor. For trade. Or will buy outrite. AGAIN. right hand nucleus gen 1. Looking for magnum have. Above for trade. Thx
  3. aljones_315

    Reloading Equipment 200x 153g 6.5mm Atips

    Lookimg to trade 2 un opened boxes of 6.5mm 153g A tips for. 400 140g hornady eldms may consider other trades but looking for 140 eldms as priority. As well as. Federal 205m primers fastest reply @ 5055921497 thanks
  4. aljones_315

    Accessories Rem 700 SA. Laminate camo $275 shipped

    Gently used vintage 1998. Short action. Heavy varmint contour. May fit larger located in farmington, N.M. fastest reply 5055921497 $275. Shipped. May consider trades. For ... 6mm 110g smks. 6.5mm 140g eldm or 140g hpbt hornady, virgin 6mmbr brass or virgin 6mmgt brass will consider other...
  5. aljones_315

    Optics SOLD SOLD SOLD Mint. Leupold mk4 ERT M5 MIL TMR

    Used but not abused mk4 ert with m5 turrets tmr reticle. Leupold metal magnetic flip caps. Included. Also leupold mk4 medium height rings. Asking $1100 shipped and insured Located in Farmington, N.M. fastest reply 5055921497 voice or text. May consider certain trades but prefer cash. Will post...
  6. aljones_315

    Optics SOLD SOLD SOLDPRICE DROP 650 SHIPPED AND INSUREDRazor hd 16 to 48 x 65mm angled apotter

    Fresh from vortex a few months ago cleaning. And. Replaced the tripod adapter collar. Includes original box papers. Padded zip around case etc. Asking $750 shipped and insured net to me. So i have venmo paypal i can process a cc direct for 3.65% or wait for postal mo. Fastest reply at...
  7. aljones_315

    Optics TRADED Leupold 36x benchrest scope

    Leupold fixed 36x. Scope 1" tube adjustable objective fine crosshair reticle throwing this out at $650 shipped and insured as that seems the norm with sold items on ebay. Im open to certain trades. I jist dont need this scope. For my style of shooting. Nrl prs varminting and hunting big game...
  8. aljones_315


    Rem 700 SA RIGHT HAND AND CLONES. BBL INLET WILL ACCOMIDATE MTU PROFILE Will take more pics asap asking $900 shipped, and Insured may consider trades. Nice mrad based optics certain reloading components pay pal friends, venmo or postal mo. Can also process cc direct for 3.6% fastest reply text...
  9. aljones_315

    Optics SOLD SOLD SOLDFACTORY FRESH Vortex 8x42 HD Talon binoculars

    Tripod adapter socket broke sent them in vortex went above and beyond. Issuing. Brand new neck strap brand new eyepiece cover and 2x new objective lens covers plus the normal. Clean purge test. Etc. Also replaced the. Threaded socket for bino stud i have since upgraded and would like to pass...
  10. aljones_315

    Optics SOLD SOLD SOLD Used vortex DB 10X50 BINOS

    These are used. And it shows however actual glass is immaculate lens caps are intact but the retainers are broken on them. Cant remember where i lost the neckstrap. I do have a case for them but its seen better days aswell. These are the 10x50mm model. And i recently upgraded to the fury5000...
  11. aljones_315


    TRADED SOLD GONEPRICE DROP to $275 New in box never mounted diamondback tactical 4-16×44mm first focal plane EBR2C-MOA reticle took this in trade from a good friend. Who decided to go with leupold on his hunting rifle after allready having ordered this scope. ASKING $300 NET TO ME shipped...
  12. aljones_315

    Optics SOLD SOLD SOLD Leupold competition hunter 6x42 AO

    Leupold competition hunter 6x42 AO EXCELLENT condition very light ring marks. Previously on a 22lr bench rifle asking $450 shipped insured to lower 48 no fees to me pp ff or postal money order posabilities of trades but mainly looking for cash thanks better full size pics and fastest reply...
  13. aljones_315

    Accessories SOLD AND SHIPPED Silver bullion & coin check comments

    Looking to sell as 1 lot. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet up as shipping 448 ozt silver doesnt seem ideal. What ive got is broken down in a neat list and is actual silver content. No silly coin value etc strictly silver content. 448.8 ozt @ $28/ozt equates to $12,566.40...
  14. aljones_315

    Accessories Silver bullion & coin

    Looking to sell as 1 lot. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet up as shipping 448 ozt silver doesnt seem ideal. What ive got is broken down in a neat list and is actual silver content. No silly coin value etc strictly silver content. 448.8 ozt @ $28/ozt equates to $12,566.40...
  15. aljones_315


    Anschutz modell match 54 First let me say i know very little about this rifle i believe with the scope its worth something close to $1500 it has a mcmillan stock leupold target scope with i believe 36x magnification a super lite set trigger. Im talkin fraction on an oz ish and its obviously...
  16. aljones_315

    Rimfire SOLD PENDING FUNDS Savage mark2 hvy bbl

    I have a savage mK II HEAVY LONG BBL 3 mags. Boyds at_one adjustable stock 20 moa base. 30mm burris extreme tactical rings included if desired. Noveske flaming pig on the threaded muzzle. I butchered the original stock while attempting to bed it. To improve consistancy ... so bought the at...
  17. aljones_315

    Accessories SOLD SOLD SOLD22 250 rem 700 take off bbl w lug

    Have a used but not abused 26" hvy varmint bbl in 22 250 round count is sub 500 something close to 440 or 460 iirc not threaded but could be for extra $55. Otherwise comes with recoil lug. And id like $90 shipped pp ff preferred. Have pics at 5055921497 as they wont load here. From my...
  18. aljones_315

    Reloading Equipment SOLD SOLD SOLD rcbs 22 250 dies new in box

    Bought these never used them its a neck sizer , a full length sizer, and a seater die all in one box. $35 shipped
  19. aljones_315

    Reloading Equipment SOLD virgin 22_250 brass SOLD SOLD

    I have 2x 100 ct bags of winchester 22 250 brass 1 is still sealed the other i opened. Trimmed chamfered and de burred and primed with fed 210m primers and then put back in the bag in. My climate controlled. Vault. I also have something north of 150 1x fired. Winchester brass mostly thw.45g...
  20. aljones_315

    Accessories TRADED SOLD GONE Bell and Carlson rem 700 sa rh

    Not sure on exact model but fits remy 700 rh sa has been inletted for m5 style bottom medal i had a magpul dbm kit in it good fit no issues has 2 pre done spots for sling studs upfront. I may have the one thats. Not currently installed just gotta look for it. Has 1 stud rear. Hooked butt...