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  1. ChadTRG42

    308 Win ammo- 155 and 168 A-max-$75 per 100 rounds

    308 Win ammo- 155 and 168 A-max- $75 per 100 rounds! Custom Reloads of Dallas is making a run of 308 Win ammo with 155 and 168 A-max bullets. This ammo will be loaded in once-fired LC brass fully match prepped with Federal 210 primers. This ammo is designed to be good, accurate 308 Win ammo at...
  2. ChadTRG42

    300 Blackout- what weight bullet would you like?

    So far, the most common weight bullets in the 300 BLK OUT are the 110 V-max, 125 Nosler BT, and the 208 A-max (subsonic). If you could have another bullet weight, what weight and type of bullet would it be? 130, 150, 175, 180 grain??? Plastic tip, BTSP, SP, BTHP, solid copper? Here's some...
  3. ChadTRG42

    Range Report 300 BLKOUT, 200 yds with 208 A-max subsonic w/pics

    I went to the range yesterday to work on some loads for a few rifles at 200 yards. While I was there, I had a buddies 300 BLK OUT he wanted me to shoot. So I screwed on my can, grabbed 10 rounds of my 208 A-max subsonic ammo and dialed some elevation into the scope. I put 5 rounds down range at...
  4. ChadTRG42

    Tac Pro Sniper Match- Oct 22-23- Mingus, TX

    Is anyone planning on shooting the Tac Pro sniper match Oct 22-23? I normally do, and I am thinking about shooting again. I just saw this match today. Sign up is HERE.
  5. ChadTRG42

    Boogity Boogity Boogity, Let's go racing boys!

    Is anyone else pumped up about NASCAR starting this weekend!? I'm so glad it's racing season again. I'm getting my fantacy list together and trying to figure out my picks. I'm pumped!!
  6. ChadTRG42

    St. Lucia in the Caribbean- anyone been?

    We are planning a trip to St. Lucia for our 10 year wedding anniversary, and I was wondering if anyone has been there. I'd like to hear from someone who has already been. What are the must do's and what would you do different? Where did you stay, and did you like it, would you go back? We will...
  7. ChadTRG42

    Dusty cleaning media??

    I run walnut media, and I was wodering if there are any additives or solutions that can be added to reduce the dust? After cleaning with a virating tumbler, the cases are very dusty and have to be wiped down. They were never this dusty with my older rolling tumbler, but the virating bowl is much...
  8. ChadTRG42

    What's your 40 yard time?!

    I ran the 40 for the first time this last weekend, and did it in 5.7 seconds. I know that's no too fast, but for 35 y/o, 5'11" and 265 lbs, I was happy with it. I ran it in 5.1 seconds in high school at 190 lbs. I'm pretty motivated now to see if I can improve this time. I can run distance, but...
  9. ChadTRG42

    Top Gun Shooting Club- near McKinney, TX

    I wanted to pass on a great place to shoot just North of Dallas (East of McKinney) in Leonard, TX. Top Gun Shooting Club has a shooting range that goes out to 500 yards, with berms at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 500 yards. I've been shooting out there for several months. Each time I go, Terry the owner...
  10. ChadTRG42

    AI Mags- drilling out the front plate

    Has anyone drilled out the front plates on their AI mags, and left the holes open? I finally drilled mine out to fit my longer COAL of my 260 rounds. I was right at max mag length of 2.860" with a standard Berger VLD. I'm now running tipped VLD's, which increased my COAL by .007". When I loaded...
  11. ChadTRG42

    Gunsmithing Browning thread pitch on A-bolt w/ BOSS??

    Does anyone know the thread pitch on a Browning A-bolt with the BOSS-CR (conventional recoil) system? I'm wanting to take the CR off and get a muzzle protector or maybe install a brake. Browning tech support says "it's company policy to not release that information". They suck! Thanks in...
  12. ChadTRG42

    Hunting & Fishing Elk Archery Hunt- First Cow down!

    We’re back from Colorado, and we took our first elk on Saturday morning. We were able to get a shot off on the third time we called her in. We were the first harvest of this public hunting area with a bow this season. Long story short, we packed in with backpacks to the top of the mountain...
  13. ChadTRG42

    6.5mm Berger 140 grain HUNTING bullet

    I am hoping someone here has a box or two I could buy of these bullets. Any help would be great. Thanks! (and yes, I have a thread in the WTB section, as well). Chad
  14. ChadTRG42

    Midway's Blemished bullets are BACK!!

    Midway has their blemished bullets on sale! Type in blemished in the search bar, and they will pull up.
  15. ChadTRG42

    30 cal sabot for 223 bullets

    Do they make the 30 cal sabot's for 223 bullets any longer? I've looked, and cannot find them at normal places. It's like the old accelerator rounds they used to produce. Thanks!
  16. ChadTRG42

    New Auto bullet feeders for progressive presses

    Does anyone have the new RCBS auto bullet feeders for their progressive press yet? I'd like to hear how you like it and if you've had any issues with them. I'm planning on installing it on my Dillon 650. I'm on backorder for the pistol bullet feeder. I really hope RCBS comes out with a shell...
  17. ChadTRG42

    Starbucks and open carry

    Starbucks gained a little more favorable opinion for me, even though I won't and don't pay $5+ for coffee! It just sucks they have to be unloaded. Link here SAN FRANCISCO (March 3) -- The Starbucks coffee chain announced today that it will continue letting customers openly wear unloaded...
  18. ChadTRG42

    Guest on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio

    Update: You can listen to the radio broadcast of my interview with Tom Gresham at From the home page, click on "Guntalk 2010-02-28 Part B". The interview starts at 5:00 minutes and ends at 22:30. Please pass this link on to anyone that might be interested. Thanks for...
  19. ChadTRG42

    New shooter- left or right handed bolt gun?

    I have a question for you lefties out there. My son is left handed, and I am planning on getting him a 223 bolt gun for his upcoming b-day (5 years old). Should I get him a right or left handed bolt rifle? If I get him a right, he can still shoot it left handed. It is much easier to find right...
  20. ChadTRG42

    Hunting & Fishing Dallas Safari Club- anyone going?

    Is anyone planning on attending the Dallas Safari Club show this week? I'm planning on attending Thursday and/or Fri. Let me know what booth or location you may be at and I'd like to stop by.