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  1. thewoodman007

    The best fathers day gift

    Check out what is up on line on Thewoodman007 maker of the Hide Fighter DVD's coming soon Build your own I will show you step by step Steve W
  2. thewoodman007

    Sidearms & Scatterguns How to build the best folder

    Check out what did on my fathers day gift DVD's coming soon Thanks for looking Thewoodman007 Maker of the Hide Fighter and lots of other great cutting tools Steve W
  3. thewoodman007

    Suppressors Hide Fighters

    just posted a batch of Hide Fighter in the for sale forums get them while they last reduced price ready to ship
  4. thewoodman007

    Suppressors Hide Fighter on the cover

    hide Fighter on the cover of Tactical
  5. thewoodman007

    Suppressors New Hide Fighter colors

    Check out my new Hide Fighters Colors Thewoodman007 Maker of the Hide Fighter
  6. thewoodman007

    Suppressors Hide Fighter Give away

    Please read my post in the for sale on my Hide Fighters Going to a wounded Soldier
  7. thewoodman007

    Suppressors Hide Fighter just added

    I just added 7 Hide Fighter for sale 9-11 discount. Thanks Thewoodman007